Travel Photo Thursday – Harlem

I took this photo a few weeks ago, looked at it, loved it and then forgot about it.

West Harlem Piers Park
West Harlem Piers Park

It’s a view from West Harlem Piers Park, a new park located on the banks of the Hudson River. From this angle, we’re looking south towards midtown Manhattan. To the right is New Jersey, the left is Harlem.

A small inlet allows a bit of the Hudson to enter the park. What looks like a bridge at the end is the path to the water taxi dock.

Harlem residents come here to fish, walk, jog, bike, fly kites or just sit and look at the Hudson.



12 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday – Harlem

  1. Oooh, so much water. Scary. For the last three weekends, my daughter’s been watching The Titanic. Driving me crazy that I’m drawn to watch it too. After all these years, I’m just seeing it and still, not in its entirety because I’m afraid of water.

    I could never walk along the Hudson. Panic attack.

  2. I keep forgetting you don’t love water. And you’re watching The Titanic — now that’s love.
    You probably would have to stay away from the east and west sides so you don’t see the water. I tell you, if you don’t go there, you’d never know you’re on an island (Manhattan).

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