Travel Photo Thursday: Negril

Negril is located on the western tip of Jamaica. It got its name from the Spanish word, Negrillo, which either refers to the black cliffs south of this small community or the black eels that used to be found along its coast.

Whenever I go to this world famous spot, I always think of my first visit. I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. All Negril was then was a main road, the beach, a couple places to stay and a few houses. I wish I had photos.

Thirty-plus years later, Negril is a busy resort area that plays host annually to more visitors than the estimated 3,000 people who live there year round. It is this year’s Spring Break destination. Its well known white-sand beach is lined with all inclusive hotels, guest houses and cottages, and its main road — the only way in — now a boulevard that bears a famous name: Norman Manley, national hero and leader.

I took these photos on my most recent trip.

Negril - early morning on the beach
Negril - Early morning beach scene
Negril - beach scene
Negril - Beach scene
Negril beach sign
Negril - Beach sign

There might be no nude bathing allowed but I did see a few nude sunbathers.

Negril Starfish
Negril - Starfish

This starfish was washed ashore just as I walked by.

Negril beach scene
Negril - Beach scene
Negril, Riu Hotel
Negril - Riu Hotel
Negril - waiting for the sunset at Rick's Cafe
Negril - Waiting for the sunset, Rick's Cafe

Rick’s Cafe has been a fixture in Negril for about 30 years. Crowds gather to watch the sunset with the same enthusiasm as they do in Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve, except there are fewer people.

Negril sunset
Negril sunset

This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.

36 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday: Negril

  1. Oh, I do love the beach and sunsets. These make me want to be on one instead of watching it rain in the Pacific Northwest!

  2. As beautiful as it looks now, I bet it’s state 30 years ago was even prettier. Lovely sunset photo and I can see why the tourists come.

  3. Those early morning scenes are beautiful and look so peaceful. We heard so much about Negril during our trip to Jamaica but never made it. Love the sunset photo.

  4. Now, that’s the place to be. It looks so clean.
    I can see that people couldn’t help stripping down. To enjoy the beach in its purest form, you know. 🙂

    So, you’re good and settled now?

  5. It’s definitely a beautiful place, Totsy. I didn’t even think of it being clean, it was just so nice to walk the beach in the morning and watch the sun come up.
    Well, not yet. Still feel like I’m on an extended vacation. Coming this way anytime?

  6. Not anytime soon. A vacation would be nice. Did I tell you a friend of mine was building his retirement home there? He’s Jamaican. He’s invited me to visit once it’s done. He still goes every year. Me? I think I’m trying to make a buncha money rather than vacationing at the moment.

  7. Vacations are always nice! Yes, you did. Hopefully, by the time he’s finished, you’ll visit?
    I know what you mean about making money. Will have to do the same so I can take a vacation later.

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