Travel Photo Thursday – New York City

New York from New Jersey
New York from New Jersey

New York City has an unmistakable skyline but it’s difficult to see it when you’re in the city. Some of the most spectacular views are from New Jersey. I took this photograph in Jersey City, which because of its close proximity to Lower Manhattan is fast becoming part of the business and financial area of New York City.

The tall structure on the left (with cranes on top) is the new building going up at Ground Zero.

Building at Ground Zero
Building at Ground Zero



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  1. I thought a mosque was building at Ground Zero or is that a mosque center. I remember seeing the controversy of one being built on one of the news shows but I can’t recall the exterior of it. What are your feelings, as well as some people you know about the Muslim center going there? From what I recall of the news show, it would be sort of like a melting pot for a person of any faith to go there.

    Ooh, I need an apartment in NY, all that goody stuff going on there. I’d have to head back south for the winter months though. 🙂

  2. I’ll have to check on the status of the mosque. I doubt construction’s started. Isn’t it interesting how news like that just seems to die down?
    I don’t have a problem with a mosque, which really was not at GZ, just close by. I feel if they have a building already in Lower Manhattan and want to build, there shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes we’re too quick to paint everyone with the same brush.
    The building that I showed is the new tower that replaces the ones that came down.
    You could have my apt, it’ll be available next month. Yup, taking the show on the road.
    I hear you. Winters are fun, only if you like the cold.

  3. gosh… I can’t explain the nostalgia I feel seeing certain skylines. New York is one… watching it from the train crossing over the river… and Philly is of course another, whether flying in, or on the train. I don’t get that when I’m in DC… guess that’s because I mostly catch that skyline from sitting in snarly traffic when road rage eats up the nostalgia!

    Thanks for taking me to a mood that made me smile.

  4. oops… I almost forgot. I haven’t forgotten. Next time I’m not literally running in and out of NYC I will be looking you up. I think connecting with some of my blogging friends in person is awesome!

  5. Very nice! That’s the first I’ve seen of the new building at Ground Zero. I really like the views of Manhattan from Jersey City, too. Had lunch at the Hyatt there once while enjoying the spectacular view of the city.

  6. You’re welcome, Rhonda. I caught a glimpse of the Philly skyline in a movie — can’t remember which — and as soon as I saw it, I thought: Philly. Sure enough, it was. A very unmistakable skyline, just like NYC. I was going to say traffic and road rage in DC? I guess I’ve forgotten about the Beltway. Ahh, brings back memories.

  7. That would be fantastic! I’ve been exchanging emails with someone in SA for about a year. We finally had a conversation a few days ago.
    Or if I make it to Philly — or are you in DC?

  8. Thanks, Cathy! Manhattan looks stunning from NJ. NIghttime is even more so.
    In 10 years, there have been lots of changes at GZ, still lots of construction.

  9. Great photos! I also noticed that a lot of the great views come from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

  10. I’ve only spent a day (yep, ONE day!) in NYC, so I still haven’t seen so much of it. Would love to wander around all these glass skyscrapers, though. 🙂

  11. I was just thinking about the twin towers the other day. The boys were talking about towers and fire fighters in the same conversation.

    It’s nearly the ten year anniversary. It would have been very difficult to make a decision about what to do with the site, but I guess economics wins in the long run.

  12. I love the city that never sleeps… I lived there for years and then moved when I got married. I don’t mind living outside of the city, but I enjoy going in to dine or walk around. 🙂

  13. I love Jersey City. It is the perfect place to live but still have access to NYC. I had a friend from college who moved there for her first job. We had so much fun when I visited her years ago. I am sure it has just gotten better.

  14. There’s still controversy. I think I heard something about them firing someone who’s been working on it since day 1.
    I’m sure the 10th will be a huge celebration. I wish I could just bury my head in the sand that day so I don’t have to remember and feel. Whenever I have to go to New Jersey (work related), I have to pass very close by. The energy there is still murky. I don’t know if they did, but I wish they had done some kind ritual cleaning to rid the space of the fear, the sadness, the panic, the terror of all those people who were killed.

  15. Marcia,
    Just a thought… How about adding a guide to your most recent posts on your sidebar? I missed one of your recent posts and have no way to find it with this current format. Another helpful way is to have a next and previous at the top or bottom of each post; that way readers can easily move to other posts.

    I know you have been fine-tuning your blog since the move and I want to help by pointing out a navigation challenge that I am experiencing… Hope this helps.
    I love your blog and wouldn’t want to miss any posts.
    TY! 🙂

  16. Thanks, Elizabeth. That’s a good point. There is a navigation bar on the right — but I’ll see if I can find a plugin that I can use below each post to show previous ones.
    Yeah man, your feedback is welcome anytime!

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