#Travel Photo Thursday: Times Square Afternoon

I love Times Square, especially in the summer when I can grab a seat and watch the world pass by. It’s not hard to spot the visitors — in Times Square, they outnumber New Yorkers.

#TPThursday: Times Square
#TPThursday: Times Square Afternoon

You never know who you’ll spot in the crowd. Shortly after I took this photo, I glimpsed the Naked Cowboy strolling across Broadway. An eager crowd surrounded him as soon as he got to the other side of the street. I thought that if I hurried, I could get a photo before more people arrived. But by the time the lights changed, he had moved further down the block. I never caught up with him.

Who’s the Naked Cowboy? He’s Robert John Burck, a street performer who wears only a cowboy hat, briefs, and cowboy boots. He also plays a guitar which he carries in front of him covering his privates.

Originally from Ohio, the Naked Cowboy has been a fixture in Times Square for many years now. He’s become a franchise, licensing Naked Cowboys in other cities.

#TPThursday: Times Square Afternoon

The Naked Cowboy isn’t the only street performer in Times Square — they come and go — but he’s probably the most popular. I noticed a few Elmo impersonators who, for a few dollars, will let you take a photo with them. Here are videos of two others.


Mark Scott Johnson

I left Times Square, and less than 20 minutes later the friend I was meeting saw Snoop Dog when she passed through to meet me. A huge crowd had gathered, almost taking up a block.

That’s the other thing about Times Square, the crowds. The only time there isn’t a crowd is in the early morning. Go then to experience it and go back later to see how different the energy is.

Have you been to Time Square? What did you like about it?

This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.

44 comments on “#Travel Photo Thursday: Times Square Afternoon

  1. I agree wit you about Times Square being amazing for people watching. I’d never heard about the naked cowboy. He should be in Calgary this week with all the other cowboys.

  2. What a fun post! You caught the life and the movement of this crazy place – nice job. Sounds like you had a good trip there!

  3. I LOVE the Naked Cowboy! I’m actually going to NYC Wednesday and will go to Times Square just to see him. Have to say though, Times Square is not my favorite place in NYC. I prefer quieter areas, which are a little hard to find 🙂 Great city though!

  4. great shots! I love visiting NYC and TimesSquare. And that dang naked cowboy- when will he quit?! haha

  5. I just love New York…period! Times Square is full of energy, but the crowds of tourists can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. I didn’t know that the Naked Cowboy was still there — gotta give him credit for making a name for himself.

  6. Ahh, Times Square, one of my favorite places! I love everything about it…the energy, the lights, the people watching, the blatant commercialism (wait, do I love that? Somehow in Times Square it’s beautiful). The last time I was there was the day that Michael Jackson died, and the crowd was incredible. Spontaneous M.J. performances erupted all over the place, and the sidewalk outside the MTV studios was completely taken over by M.J. fans.

    I’ve never seen the Naked Cowboy in person, but great shot! 😉 I found the Sesame Street characters to be a bit depressing for some reason…

  7. We were just in Times Square last month (the second time this past year). I love the vibrant energy of Times Square. There’s just something going on all the time. My kids love all the lights. I can go with out the crowds too and the bad NY smell of exhaust among other things. Darn, we missed the naked cowboy during both visits 🙂

  8. I’m not surprised, Mary. The lights are pretty spectacular, you can’t help looking up and around at all of them. I’m also not surprised about the crowds – that’s the one thing I don’t like about it too. Hope you’ll see the Naked Cowboy on your next visit.

  9. Yes, it was a fun day. I was back again the following day and ran into a few more. It was fun to watch the expressions on the kids faces when they saw some of the cartoon characters.

  10. OMG, what a day to have been in Times Square! It must have been an unforgettable experience. Hope you get to see the Naked Cowboy when you come back to the city. Yesterday, I saw two of the characters dressing just inside one of the subway entrances. It made me realize that I never considered the people behind the costumes.

  11. Yes, we definitely have to give him credit. He turned a simple idea into a brand.
    I agree, Cathy, I love NY, period. There’s just no other place like it.

  12. Sounds like you miss New York Marcia.

    I don’t understand all the fuss about Times Square but then I’ve never been there. It does sound like a good place to sit and watch the world (and a few cowboys and elmo’s) go by.

  13. So glad you are having a great time in NYC! I love going to Times Square and sitting on the red steps to people watch, Auntie Anne’s pretzel in hand. What a perfect afternoon;-)

  14. I do, Narelle. It has been home for much of my adult life.
    Times Square has to be seen — it’s really hard to explain it or convey what’s special about it. Hope you get to experience it one of these days.

  15. That’s hilarious that the Naked Cowboy has franchised his brand. The saying, “Do what you love, and the money will follow” proves itself true in surprising ways sometimes.

  16. Still haven’t been to NY! This would be one of my first stops. The pic of the Naked Cowboy is too funny 🙂

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