Travel Photo Thursday: Trident Castle

Round one of the bends on the road that meanders into Port Antonio, a compact seaside town on Jamaica’s northeastern coast, and come face to face with Trident Castle, an imposing white structure that makes you feel as if the turn you just took had deposited you in some European country, not a Caribbean island.

Trident Castle sits at the mouth of Turtle Crawle Harbor on a promontory known as Pegg Point. The secluded bay was used to “corral” turtles in pens after their capture. It also provided protection to buccaneer (pirate) ships that used to ply the region’s waters during the 16th and 18th centuries.

Trident Castle, Portland, Jamaica
Trident Castle, Portland, Jamaica

Now owned by Jamaican billionaire, Michael Lee Chin, Trident Castle was designed and built as a private residence for German Baroness Elizabeth Siglindy Stephan von Thyssen by hotelier and architect, Earl Levy. It boasts 8 bedrooms with full baths, a ballroom, banquet hall, two living rooms, terraces, courtyard, Romanesque pool, private chapel and helicopter pad and sits on 7 acres. A chapel, which is located in the middle of a park, can seat up to 25 people.  Construction began in 1979 and lasted about ten years.

Trident Castle operates as a rental property for the well heeled and can accommodate up to 16 guests whether for weddings or other special occasions. It offers an array of amenities and activities including a private beach, two tennis courts, croquet, snorkeling, water sports and deep-sea fishing.

Celebrities such as the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, Kate Moss and Tom Cruise have been guests of Trident Castle.

Rental rates start at about $7,500 per night during winter season, and $4,500 per night during summer season. During the winter season, a minimum of 7-night stay required, 5 during summer. Rates include food, bar, gratuities, full use of the Trident Hotel nearby and, for guests staying 7 days, ground transfers.

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32 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday: Trident Castle

  1. You’d think they might be able to pack in a few more than 16 people in the place but I guess you get a lot of privacy for that price.

    Is it ever open to the public??

  2. How I wish I could afford 7,500 per night to stay in this place! I’d like to visit Port Antonio sometime. Many years ago while I was staying in Montego Bay, we planned on driving there for a side trip, but never found our way! Next time in Jamaica, maybe……

  3. Hey Cathy, if you ever make it here, please let me know — I’ll definitely give you a tour.
    It’s a straight drive to Portland now with the new road that’s been built.

  4. Yes, only 8 — it was a private home. Some private home, eh?
    Summer rates are cheaper because we get fewer visitors from North America as the weather’s the same – warm. So airlines and properties lower their rates in the ‘off season’ to attract and encourage people to visit.

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