Travel Photo Thursday: Lunch at Makalolo Plains

I’m not what you’d call an animal lover so going on safari would not have been on my list of things to do on vacation. But when my friends and I decided to go to South Africa, we also decided we’d do everything on each other’s lists.

Since all three of us wanted to see Victoria Falls, our travel agent suggested we do our game-watching in Zimbabwe at Hwange National Park.

She also recommended a lovely safari camp, Makalolo Plains, which is located about 2 hours’ drive into the park. Even when she told us that Makalolo was not like the kind of camp we would have been exposed to, I still didn’t know what to expect. We were very pleasantly surprised.

They treated us to tasty lunches, sherry when we returned at nights from game drives and sumptuous dinners, including wines.

Since the camp is surrounded by animals – elephants, lions, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, etc., we were surprised to return from our morning game drive on our second day to find lunch would be served al fresco.

Open air lunch
Lasagna for lunch

Looking at these photos brings back warm memories of the wonderful time we had at Makalolo Plains.

24 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday: Lunch at Makalolo Plains

  1. I don’t even know what to say! This looks incredible! Dining among all that nature… I hope there wasn’t a lot of bugs!

  2. A safari. WOW! I’m with you on not being an animal lover but I think I’d have gone because of the intrigue. I’m trying to visualize myself there as I think of the times I’ve gone to the petting zoo šŸ™‚ Is it something like that? You’re opening my eyes to new adventures every time I visit your site.

  3. Totsy, it is MUCH BETTER!!!!!
    Let me tell you, seeing these animals in *their* habitat was an amazing experience. I kept trying to think of a way I could stay there and work just so I could spend more time observing them. Seeing how protective they are of their young, how intelligent – nothing I saw on TV could compare. Since I’ve been back, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Nature channel just so I can see them again.
    I’m glad — that was the idea for the blog: to share my adventures so others will be interested in doing the same.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Hey Sherry,
    You just reminded me that I didn’t post it to TBEX.
    I’d love to do the Serengeti – it looks absolutely amazing. One of these days….

  5. Just beautiful! I cannot wait to go to Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) to do my own safari. I hope it will be as majestic as I have always believe it would be in my mind. I’m envious of your experience here.

    By the way, I’m glad you put up a “Travel Photo Thursday.”

  6. Sounds amazing. Imagine that protectiveness they have of their babies. We can learn so much….

  7. They’re thinking that bear that attacked in Yellowstone might have been protecting her young. I watched several herds of elephants and at least one pride as soon as they heard the sound of our jeep, they moved to the outside near us so the young would be shielded. We were smart not to get too close.

  8. Cathy,
    I could go back tomorrow! It was fabulous to be pampered in the bush! Somehow, the two aren’t supposed to go together but they do!
    Thanks, Cathy and thanks for visiting. Your photos of Amsterdam make it come alive for me.

  9. Being wined and dined at Makalolo Plains sounds like reason enough to go on safari. Add in fabulous scenery and all those wild animals, I’d say it sound like a great time! I think your photo really captures the experience.

  10. I’m so glad we were open or I would have surely missed this. We still talk about it, going a year now and now I don’t switch the channel when I see a nature program.
    Thanks for the visit,

  11. It’s great that you guys decided to do everything on each others’ lists. Pushes you out of your own comfort zone and gives you an experience like this that you wouldn’t have gotten on your own.

  12. Grace, you definitely MUST go! It’s nothing like I’d ever experienced before.
    Dining al fresco was one of the highlights of my 3 days at camp. It’s something I’d only ever seen in photographs. And seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is an amazing experience. I’d go back tomorrow!
    Thanks for visiting,

  13. It was definitely different! We went in August/September, which is winter there so no mosquitoes – something to keep in mind.
    Dining al fresco is something I’ve only seen in the movies. It was a fabulous experience. I’d go back tomorrow. Well worth it.

  14. I sssooooo want to go to on a safari! To dine there al fresco must have been something different.

  15. I have been to a local safari park but the whole trip was a 2 hours or so, this one sounds like so much fun! And the photo, it’s so soothing!

  16. So many memories would surely come to your mind when you see it! You are a lucky women to have experienced all this! šŸ™‚

  17. And I see this from your eyes! When you share your experiences here, it’s like I have been with you and seen all this!

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