My Travel Seven Super Shots – Jamaica

I am taking part in Hostelbookers 7 Super Shots photo post game that has been making its way around the blogosphere.  The premise was to choose seven favorite photos fitting pre-defined categories.  Then, nominate other bloggers.  Hence, the game of tag ensues.  Huge thanks to Mary from The World is a Book who tagged me a few weeks ago.

A Photo that… takes my breath away

Without question, Trident Castle took my breath away the first time I saw it, and each time I look at the photos I took, my breath still catches in my throat. This gleaming, white structure seems to just sprout out of the lush Portland vegetation. It’s totally unexpected, totally unusual and totally unique.

Hostelbooker Seven Super Shots - Trident Castle, Portland
My Seven Super Shots – Trident Castle, Portland

A Photo that….makes me dream

Looking at this photo makes me dream of reaching not just the summit of the Blue Mountains but maybe even Mount Kilimanjaro. One of these days.

Hostelbookers Seven Super Shots
My Seven Super Shots, Blue Mountains, Portland/St. Thomas

A Photo that….makes me think

I’m used to seeing ships here but when I saw the Mariner of the Seas in Falmouth, I did a double take. Falmouth is a small town and the ship almost dwarfs it.

More than anything, though, is the striking contrast between this modern ship and the old town, which was founded in 1769 and had piped water before New York City. To the left is the court house, which was built originally around 1815. Several buildings skirting the harbor date to the 17th and 18th centuries. It made me think of the ships that used to dock in Falmouth. Back then, they brought Africans to the island as slaves, and left with sugar and rum.

My Travel Seven Super Shots
My Travel Seven Super Shots, Falmouth

A Photo that….makes me laugh or smile

My nephew, Malcolm, was visiting from London with his parents for a few weeks. My sister, a friend and I decided to take him for a swim in the Wag Water River. All the way there, Malcolm kept saying, “I’m not going into the water. I am not going into the water. I’m not going into the water.”

In case you missed it, that’s Malcolm in the water, enjoying himself, like he always swam in a river. When we were ready, he didn’t want to leave. I chuckle every time I see the photos.

My Travel Seven Super Shots
My Seven Super Shots, Wag Water River, St. Mary

A Photo that….makes my mouth water

I never tire of eating fish. My preference is red snapper, which I love fried crispy, escoveitch, or steamed, as it is here. With chunks of potato, carrots, okra and chocho (chayote), it’s a meal in itself. Sometimes, I get bammy (a flat bread made from cassava — the round thing on the left) steamed with the fish. Ahh, delicious!

My Travel Seven Super Shots
My Seven Super Shots, Little Ochie

A Photo that….tells a story

As I said, my favorite meal is one of fish or seafood, though I must admit, I rarely think of the work that goes into bringing them to my table. Believe me, it’s difficult, backbreaking and can be deadly.

I chatted with a few of these guys before they set out and I was surprised by how young they were – none was older than 25 – and how long it takes them to return — sometimes up to a week when they go far as South America. Their boats looked as if they could hardly withstand a good shower of rain. I promised myself never to haggle with a fisherman again.

My Travel Seven Super Shots
My Seven Super Shots, Little Ochie

A Photo that….I’m most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

This has happened a few times. I take a photo on the fly, then look at it later and realize it came out really well. That’s the case here. I’m really proud of this shot.

My Travel Seven Super Shots - Negril
My Travel Seven Super Shots – Negril

This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.

I’ll post the 5 bloggers I’m tagging shortly. Till then, enjoy!

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  1. The photos are beautiful. The different shades of blue, the food and that castle! I wanna live in it. That guy is really enjoying that water. Love them all…

  2. You know, women can’t public eat in restaurants but I’ve been able to enjoy the few things I’ve created. I’ll be eating in a little while actually. It’s getting better, just hot, so I’m staying cool, exercising and making the best of it.

  3. Nice post! Its great to relive your memories with this fun tag. I am a bit busy now as I am going to Japan this month probably, so I cant take the tag right now. Sorry, but I will try to take it up sometime in the near future!
    Have a nice day:)

  4. I love all these photos and the stories that come with them! Kids will be kids where ever they are in the world. That story made me smile and remember my own kids 🙂 You’re right, that ship dwarfs Falmouth. My favorite picture though was the very first one. Looks very peaceful and beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photos! The contrast between the modern ship and the historic port makes a very interesting photo. The fishing boats make a beautiful photo as well – unbelievable that the fishermen can spend up to a week on open seas in those small boats. Definitely a hard way to make a living.

  6. I have a whole lot more respect now for the fisherman. Seriously – they’re out in that boat for a week at a time. That’s nuts!
    Great selection of photos – that cruise ship is something else too and wonder if it’s affecting Falmouth in a bad way. Money is good but there seems to be a price to pay for it.

  7. I love all these photos, Marcia, but that pic of Malcolm really got me smiling — and I needed that right now!

  8. These are beautiful! Your NG shot is the one I picture when I think of Jamaica. I so wanna visit!

  9. Great collection of Jamaican shots, Marcia! I’ve always loved that Trident Castle photo since you last posted it. Simply beautiful!

  10. I’ve been waiting to see your super shots and am so glad you posted them! They’re all wonderful. The photo of the cruise ship in Falmouth is incredible, and the one of Malcolm in the river made me smile 🙂

  11. Great photos! That ship is HUGE!! It’s a bit of an eye sore for me. Like you, I love fish and wish I could eat more of it. However, I don’t think that photo makes the fish mouth’s water – it makes him want to go back in the water! 🙂

  12. Thanks, Andi! It always surprises me how big these ships are — but they’d have to be big to accommodate 4,000+ passengers and crew. Yes, Malcolm has us all smiling.

  13. You and me both! Most people, farmers, fishermen, etc., work really hard to bring us our food. And some make very little money.
    Thanks, Leigh. As you might imagine, it’s mixed. You’re so right, there’s a hefty price to pay. But it might be too early to tell as cruise ships only started going there about a year now.

  14. Girl, you’re gonna have to find things to do! I’m sure you’re not the first Westerner there. Does anyone, the outfit you’re with, for example, have any suggestions?

  15. Great sharing of photos…It always surprises me how big these ships are..Even its simply it looks really beautiful..

  16. No, they don’t. We had a little workout room. There are daily shopping trips. Sometimes, another co-worker and I escape the gates where we live to go to the store. People here like to drink and the Muslim women do nothing. It’s not all bad but I wish there were some sites to see. None of that, or at least we’re not getting it.

  17. Wonder why they don’t — it’d certainly make life easier for people. Daily shopping trips? Well, I guess when there’s not much to do, shopping works, eh? What are the stores like? Are they like over here? Been thinking about what I’d do if I ended up some place where there was nothing to do and my movements were restricted. There’s only so much writing, cooking, reading, exercising, painting to do so I hope they’re paying you a ton of money, which you’d have to save anyway because there aren’t many stores to spend it at!

  18. The cruise ship leaves me a bit uneasy. I remember seeing a similar one (The World) sailing past a small New Zealand town we lived in for a bit. It felt like we were being invaded.

    That said, I love all these shots and can absolutely see why you’re proud of that last one!

  19. That’s the right word, Sophie, uneasy. If the captain makes a mistake, that ship’s right on the street into the town.
    Thanks, Sophie. It took a long while to decide which ones to include.

  20. I love these photos – they are fantastic – I would have a hard time narrowing down which ones to include – I love the one of your nephew too!!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  21. Love your choice of photos. Your nephew looks so joyful, like he was really enjoying himself! I had also been tagged for this meme. Wish I could do justice to it as much as you have. (Dropping by from Nancie’s TPThursday!)

  22. I love the photo that makes you think and dream. In fairness, they are all wonderful. Jamaica is a great place to have a vacation. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures!

  23. Thanks Aleah and thanks for dropping by. Hope I didn’t miss you at Nancie’s.
    I’m sure you would do it justice so I hope you do it, it’s fun in the end.

  24. You’re welcome, Becca. I’m trying to remember to do so on Fridays.
    It’s a difficult thing because we all have so many photos and so many of them are great. In the end, I’ll pleased with the ones I choose but I changed my mind quite a bit.

  25. Sorry Marcia, I have confused you. I replied with my playgroup blog user instead of hakea. Too lazy to change the user ID. I have four blogs now, all for different purposes. Orana Playgroup is my work blog.

  26. A great series, Marcia. All really so fine, but I’ll go for the one of the ship towering over the scene, as my favourite for the novelty of it.

  27. Not as much work as having three kids and two dogs (soon to be three dogs – yes, the kids and hubby won that one).

    And I don’t post as often as you and Eliz.

    Have a great week!

  28. I love the comment that you’ll never haggle with a fisherman again. So true, I agree. I have a few close friends who do it for a living and lawd I wouldn’t want to be one of them out in the dark waters before the sun even comes up.

    Excellent photos!

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