Using your cell phone to take photos? (via Inside-Out)

It is incredible how cavalierly these companies put sensitive information into people’s hands without even a word of warning.

 I love to take photos but was unaware of the risk involved when you take photos with your cell phone and post them online (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Unless you go into the GPS settings and turn off the tracking option, the location of the photo you just took is visible to the public. Take a look at these videos that sum up the risks and offer solutions to the problem. htt … Read More

via Inside-Out

4 comments on “Using your cell phone to take photos? (via Inside-Out)

  1. HI and thanks for using my information on your post! It’s strange how we are so loose with our online information but would feel outraged if someone came into our house and stole the data that companies ‘acquire’ from us freely. It’s good to know there are some restrictions we can use to keep them at bay — however, it takes awareness of what is going on behind the scenes!

  2. You’re welcome, Marge. I felt it was something my readers needed to know about. I certainly didn’t know about it.
    I’m really protective of my personal information when I’m online but this caught me totally unaware. My niece told me sometime ago that since I access my FB page from my phone, I’ve given them access to my address book, etc. I felt so angry. I know that my emails are scanned and ads are placed on the page, ditto my Google searches.
    Thank goodness for this information – we can protect ourselves.

  3. Very scary. Even scarier since they don’t even tell us.
    Thanks for commenting, Theresa.

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