The World Trade Center Building

Walking south from the Staples store on Broadway, I looked west down Vesey Street and saw the World Trade Center as if for the first time. With its solid-looking base tapering into a 400’ antenna, it looks as if it’s reaching to the sky.

World Trade Center building
Seen from Vesey and Broadway Streets

I stopped and stared for a few minutes before taking out my camera. I’ve taken other photos of the World Trade Center before from near the site and from the New Jersey side but I think this is probably one of the best views I’ve seen. 

At 1,776 feet (the year the United States Declaration of Independence was signed), it is, at the moment, the tallest building in the U.S., and the fourth tallest in the world.  And it does looks pretty attractive.  Framed by surrounding buildings, softened a bit by a few leafless trees, it’s shiny, ultra modern exterior and clean lines makes me think of the narrow legged pants that seem to be the rage in men’s fashions.

World Trade Center Antenna
The antenna at the World Trade Center Building

As I looked at it through the viewfinder, my camera lens bringing it closer, I could almost understand why a teenager from New Jersey took an elevator to the antenna a few weeks ago.

And I could almost imagine daredevil climbers pouring over every photo taken from every angle trying to figure out how to scale it.

I was about to move on when I noticed something else: a small plane flying away from the building.  Once again, I stopped and quickly refocused so I could capture it.

WTC Plane
Can you see that small plane?

I’ve yet to visit the museum. Truth be told, I’m a little nervous. Too many memories.

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10 comments on “The World Trade Center Building

  1. Great timing with the photo of the plane flying away. Admittedly, it would have a much different feel if the plane were headed towards the building. Somehow, this is the first picture I’ve seen of the new World Trade Center. It’s certainly magnificent. I had no idea it’d be the tallest building in the USA.

  2. What an attractive building, i love all the angles and the reflections of the clouds make it a cool subject to capture interesting reflections. Thanks for linking up today Marcia.

  3. That is a gorgeous building. I can see the plane, and it gives me a shiver. I haven’t been to New York since September 11th. I would love to visit to see this beautiful tribute. I would probably go to the museum, but I think that it would be difficult. Thanks for linking up to Travel Photo Thursday.

  4. You’re welcome, Nancie.
    It did the same for me too. Brought back a lot of terrifying images. Even looking at the building, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t completely erase the memories.

  5. It sure would have been, Michele!
    Being in NYC, I guess I take for granted everyone has seen it though I’m sure there are folks here who haven’t. The antenna makes it the tallest building in the US. I can only imagine the views from the 104th floor. Takes a special type of person to work on this too.

  6. I hadn’t seen any photos of this new building before, and am glad to. It’s very beautiful indeed. Long ago, I went to the top of the old ones, I haven’t been in NY since then I’m sure I’ll still be looking for the old ones when I go next.

  7. It’s quite a beautiful building, Seana. I have photos of the old ones but I can’t remember where they are. They were very impressive as well. I’m sure you will be looking for them when next you return to NYC.

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