Writing to me is…

Writing to me is like using playdoh. When I write, I play with words, string them together, like a necklace to make beautiful sentences.

Writing to me is like using the color wheel. Nouns are blue, verbs are red, adjectives are indigo, adverbs are orange, prepositions are violet, articles are brown, conjunctions are green, and interjections are yellow.

Writing to me is music. When done right, the words flow together and create harmony.

Writing to me is fun when the words tumble out in exactly the order in which I imagine them.

Writing to me is like drawing pictures with words.

Writing to me is a way to slow down and rationalize my thoughts. Sometimes, jumbled thoughts become untangled; fleeting ideas become anchored to the page.

Writing to me is something I do all day, everyday.

Writing to me is easy. Most times.

Writing to me is like reading out loud, relishing the sounds the words make.

Writing to me is rewriting. Often.

Writing to me is poetry.

Writing to me is, preferably, pen on paper. But it’s never just black and white.

Writing to me like breathing. I don’t know how I’d be if I couldn’t write.

Writing it down - Maynefoto

What does writing mean to you?

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26 comments on “Writing to me is…

  1. You have some essential reasons why writing is a must. I know, for myself, to not write is like taking away my ability to speak. And to write, to imagine something to weave is tale is kinda magical, although the process isn’t. Good post!

  2. Thanks, Totsy! It is taking away your ability to speak. And it definitely is magical!

  3. Writing means so many meaningful things to you, love them all. Even I can’t breathe without writing.Lovely post…

  4. Great post — and fabulous blog! You have a new follower via Networked/Blog-a-licious 🙂

  5. Creativity has always been a shortfall in my life. My work and my hobbies (with exception of my photography) lacks a creative side. To me writing, particularly in my blog, helps me to bring out this shortfall in my life and allows me to share my thoughts with the world. I know I still have a long way to go and I recognize that my writing isn’t my strong suit yet because unlike you, writing doesn’t come easy to me. Hopefully with practice, it’ll get easier and better.

  6. Thanks, Sulekha.
    Yes, we do it everyday but we hardly ever stop to think how important it is in our lives.
    It’s like breathing.
    So glad you stopped by.

  7. Thanks, Kat and thanks for following!
    I love yours too, a theme I’ve used in the past.
    Thanks for your comments,

  8. The more you write, the more you write. Put another way — just keep writing, it’ll get better and easier.
    Blogging helps, a lot.
    Thanks for the visit,

  9. I love how you compare writing with playing with colors. Words make our lives colorful! And how we combine them is unique to each one of us and are equally beautiful.

  10. I like your connotation – color wheel. I am honored to be on this tour with all you talented writers. Cheers!

  11. I love the word Blogalicious…. and the buddies who write under that umbrella are a ton of fun. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  12. You got me with the first line. I love language and words. It’s one of the things that draws me in as much as the storytelling aspect. Great post. Shared where I could.

  13. Isn’t it a cool word?
    So far, so good. The weather’s been perfect! Hope to make it to Central Park later.
    Hope your is too,

  14. i like the colours you paint with. a beautiful picture. you paint well. thank you for painting the tour. god bless

  15. Thanks, Roy!
    Your like about how telling an artist what to paint kills creativity stayed with me for a while.
    You’re so very right.
    Thanks for the visit,

  16. No, Dora, thank you for organizing it.
    Thanks for the visit and your comment.

  17. I love the way you’ve brought in all the senses in to this…..and yes, writing is play, is creative, and completely involves all of one’s being. Loved your post, Marcia.

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