Beach Dreaming and a Giveaway

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. – Jacques Cousteau

I love the beach. I love the sea, I love looking at it, being near it, and being in it. I love the sounds of the waves, whether they’re lapping gently or crashing to the shore.

Sunrise at Boston Beach, Jamaica
Sunrise at Boston Beach

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. — Isak Dinesen

I didn’t realize how important being near water was to me until some years ago. I was restless and out of sorts. Nothing I tried brought me back to myself. Then my best friend reminded me that we hadn’t gone to the beach at all that summer. It was November and cold so I bundled up, hopped on the train and took myself to Coney Island.

Morning at Boston Beach, Jamaica
Morning at Boston Beach

I still remember crossing the boardwalk, stepping onto the sand and hearing the roar of the sea. It stirred something so deep inside, I began to sob, then weep uncontrollably. A light rain had started to fall but I didn’t care. I found a huge rock near the water’s edge and sat for hours watching the waves grow larger and larger as the approached the shore, then become smaller and smaller as they receded. By the time I left, I felt at peace. I felt whole again. Since then, I never go for more than a few weeks without going to the beach. Being able to see the sea or having access to it is as important to me as how many bedrooms I have.

Boats at Negril Jamaica
Negril boats

It’s been more than a month since I’ve been to the beach and I’m getting antsy. A fractured ankle has kept me away from home and my daily view of the sea from my back porch. Now my thoughts are filled with images of beaches I’ve been and ones I’m yet to explore.

Dump Up Beach, Mobay
Mobay Beach

I can’t wait to rid my ankle of its bandages, sink my toes into the warm sand and dip them into the cool water.

The sea is flat as glass
On Jamaica’s north coast

The day I took this photo, the sea was so choppy along the coast, Falmouth-bound ships were redirected to Montego Bay. I was surprised to see how flat it was here, as flat as glass.

 If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, you’re lucky enough. Unknown

Treasure Beach view, Jamaica
Treasure Beach
Playing football near the sea, Hector's River, Jamaica
Football near the sea
Fishermen going out to sea, Little Ochie Jamaica
Sunset boats

As much as I love the sea, I doubt I’d want to be a fisherman.

Boats waiting for the sun to set, Negril Jamaica
Waiting for the sun to set

This is the life!

Sun setting on another day at Rick's Cafe Negril Jamaica
Sunset at Rick’s Cafe

Some people can’t live without the mountains, I can’t live without the sea.

Mountain or sea, which are you?


This is my submission to Travel Photo Thursday, which is organized by Nancie at Budget Travelers Sandbox. Be sure to head over and check out more photos from locations around the world.

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50 comments on “Beach Dreaming and a Giveaway

  1. Oh you are speaking to me in this one. . .I really do believe we are soul sisters now! Loved this post! Just one question, what did you do to yourself? I must have missed that news while we were in Greece. Hope the ankle is better soon.

  2. Ah, the beach. I live very far inland, but think I was supposed to be near an ocean somewhere. Obviously my immigrant grandparents (all of whom grew up near the sea) made a mistake moving so far inland!

    I hope you are up and around on the beach again soon.

  3. Hi Marcia,
    It’s so so true, ocean has such a powerful healing power. When you’re down and out, it seems like a mother who opens her arms to you and then snuggle you in her warm embrace and all of a sudden you’re okay. Ahh… the power of nature.
    I used to say that I was more of a mountain person. Then I met Keith who is more of a sea person. Together, we can’t live without both.

  4. What some gorgeous beaches you have in Jamaica – but then I always knew that – however to see photos of them today and to be reminded is lovely. I love the look of Treasure Beach 🙂

  5. I’m a beach person- though I’ve come to appreciate the mountains as well. I don’t like to swim. I just enjoy sitting on the sand, watching the waves roll in.

    I hope your ankle heals soon so you can feel the sand between your toes soon!

  6. Oh I am in total agreement. There is something so elemental about the sea. And you have captured so many beautiful faces of it. Thanks for the little break. I’m hearing the waves.

  7. Mobay has some pretty good beaches. Doctor’s Cave, the most famous, is about a 5 minute walk from the one in the photo. I agree, Rick’s Cafe is one of the best places to catch the sunset in Negril. Most people go there just for that.

  8. Yes, Treasure Beach is a great spot, perhaps my favorite as it’s still somewhat rugged and natural. It doesn’t have white sand like the beaches on the north but it’s no less beautiful.

  9. I love the beach too – any beach. We are so spoiled here in Sydney, there are about 70 beaches within the city boundaries. I don’t live on the beach but can see the sea most days. Love it, can’t wait for summer to return.

  10. Marisol, that’s such a great description. So true! Yes, Mother Nature sure knows how to soothe us.
    Ahhh, the perfect balance between mountain and sea. I’m reminded of the nursery rhyme I learned in school: Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean so they licked the platter clean.

  11. They probably wanted a change. It could also be that there were more jobs inland. I can’t imagine not living close to the sea now but it took a while for me to realize that. Thanks, Cindy. I hope so too!

  12. Yes, absolutely, Jackie! Glad you like the beach and the post.
    I tripped and broke my ankle a few weeks ago, had to have surgery, etc. No, you didn’t miss it, I haven’t written about it yet.
    Thanks, it’s healing nicely but I’ve been homebound since April and getting a bit antsy.

  13. Hey Seana, nice to meet another beach person. I can’t believe there are that many beaches in Sydney, how lucky you are!
    I’m glad you’re able to see the beach often. Hope you have a great autumn!

  14. I love the sea and that’s what I miss most about the west coast. However I just got my fill of Lake Ontario, Erie and Huron and they’re big enough to feel like an ocean. Tomorrow I’m off to canoe for three days in Algonquin Park so now I take my water where I can find it these days. That’s the biggest downside to living in Calgary.

    And I am so sorry we won’t be running into each other at TBEX and what a frustration with a broken ankle. I leave Ontario on the Sunday & don’t head for Quebec until late July so I doubt that I will mesh with your schedule.

  15. I just love this post! Reading your words, and seeing photos, immediately put me in a peaceful place. I feel lucky that I get the best of both worlds here in Seattle: water & mountains all around…now, we may not have the best weather to swim in the water, but it’s spectacular nonetheless. But…if I had to choose, I’d definitely go with beach–couldn’t imagine living in a landlocked place.

  16. Well, this calm serene beach is a far cry from Coney Island. But personally I favor NorthEast Beaches, especially those on long island. What they lack in serenity they make up for in ruggedness and power, which has a different kind of beauty. i also think LI beaches have great sand..

  17. Beautiful photos! I’m a beach/ocean person too – being near or on the water gives me a sense of calm. I hope your ankle heals quickly so you can get to the beach!

  18. Beautiful bech collection, Marcia! Love th quotes too. I am an island girl at heart so I will always pick beaches. I love that Treasure Beach shot. You get the perfect view yet have the perfect chairs to relax and have a drink.

  19. Great photos of humans connection to salt water. I, too, didn’t realize I needed to be near water until I lived in Beijing and I was quite far from the beach (for my tastes). I now know if I couldn’t handle Beijing, a landlocked country is def not for me!

    Hope you’e ankle is doing well. sorry I wont be able to see you in TBEX. 🙁

  20. Nice photos. Oddly enough, I like photos with large bodies of water but to see it live is overwhelming. I do see how calming it can be.

  21. I hope your ankle gets better soon! And totally agree with your view on the beach! Living in NYC, it’s easy to forget how CLOSE we are to the water, but it’s just a quick subway ride away! Looking forward to taking more advantage of that this summer!:-)

  22. Thanks, Jess, it’s healing nicely.
    I hope you get to the beach as much as possible this summer. It won’t stay cold all summer!

  23. Water is like breathing for some people. Hope you’re near water there.
    Thanks, Roxanne! It’s doing much better now but I feel better giving it a bit more time.

  24. Thanks, Lisa. I sure know what you mean.
    My ankle’s healing nicely but it might be another week before the beach. Thanks for asking.

  25. So true about LI beaches, Eileen. I was out in Montauk a couple summers ago and really loved it. Rugged and powerful it definitely is. Hope the weather warms up soon so you can get to the beach!

  26. I’m happy to hear that, Kate. You’re lucky to have the best of both worlds in Seattle but I can just imagine how crowded the beaches get when the weather’s good though.

  27. Three days in Algonquin Park sounds delightful, Leigh! I’m sure by the time you’re finished with your Wild Summer Adventure, you’ll have had your fill of the water. Well, maybe.
    Thanks, Leigh. Will keep my fingers crossed that we can meet another time.

  28. I’m definitely a beach gal. I love the sun, the sand and the beach. Waiting to go to Maldives in few months just to spend time on nothing but beach.

  29. Awww, that sounds divine, Salika. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I’m planning a beach trip this week. I can feel the sand under my feet already!

  30. Totally agree with the idea of having a beach near you–I grew up near the Ocean myself in Chennai, India, and really miss it!

  31. I can just imagine, Charu. I looked up Chennai on the map recently and I know someone with the same name and was curious about the Chennai in India. It looks beautiful. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  32. Loved your thoughtful words and beautiful pics. My husband is a real beach and water person — always happy when he’s in the water. I always enjoy time at the beach, but might be more of a desert person at heart. Actually, I’m happiest with variety!

  33. Thanks, Cathy. I know what you mean about variety. I never thought I’d love the mountains until a few years ago when I started to notice how beautiful they are. Don’t get me wrong: the beach and water are still my passions but I’m beginning to find room in my heart for mountains, and deserts as well. They each have their charm.

  34. In our Indigenous culture, you are either a fresh-water or a salt-water person.

    In my younger days I had to be near the sea, and felt the same as you if I hadn’t been for a while.

    But now, the mountains are my home and I can’t imagine living anywhere without a mountain.The mists, the fresh moist air, the vegetation, the quiet. On the very best days the mists roll in and stay all day. And at the base of the mountains is the river – wide, deep, and strong.

    Maybe the ocean is a metaphor for your need to be on the move?

  35. That’s an interesting observation, Narelle. It could very well be – and the mountain, a metaphor for stillness, reflection.
    I’ve begun to fall in love with mountains. Ideally, I’d want both.

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