Discover the wonders of World Heritage in Paphos

Cyprus has both beautiful scenery and a fascinating history. The island is full of picturesque villages, vineyards and beach resorts. If you’re looking to visit some exciting historical attractions and relax on a sandy beach, Paphos is the perfect location. With year-round sunshine and warm seawater, this area is a popular destination for tourists. The region’s natural attractions are particularly stunning with Paphos Forest, the Akamas Peninsula and the Troodos Mountains all waiting to be explored.

Moorish Fort, Paphos

Paphos is known for its top-class resorts and excellent holiday facilities. The Athena Beach Hotel is a prime example, combining a fantastic beachfront location and sea-views with modern facilities and high-quality service. This hotel is situated in a convenient location close to the main tourist area of Paphos and is just 50 metres away from a selection of bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a good-priced deal, the hotel offers all-inclusive packages where food, drink and accommodation are covered in the price of your stay. Book through Jet2Holidays and you could save some money as they offer great prices on package deals. Cyprus is a wonderful place to stay this summer with its sunny weather and well-priced resorts. 

What makes Paphos unique is its incredible world-famous archaeological sites like the Greco-Roman mosaics and medieval castle. The entire area is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is set to be the European Capital of Culture in 2017 – so visit this summer before the crowds start arriving! During your holiday, make sure you check out the Tomb of the Kings, a impressive collection of rock tombs dating from the ancient Hellenistic and Roman period. These tombs belonged to noblemen and are considered to be historically important because of their unusual design. The Archaeological Museum is another popular attraction that will shed some light on the area’s rich history.

A visit to Cyprus can take you from the island’s historic crumbling fortresses and stunning Roman remnants to its modern, chic holiday facilities meaning you can get the best of both worlds! Once you have exhausted the historical sites and the sandy beaches, why not indulge in a hot-stone massage at one of Paphos’ popular spas. The Opium Health Spa is a particularly luxurious place to visit if you really need some pampering. No matter how low or high your budget is, Cyprus is the perfect place to escape to this summer.

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  1. Marcia, Your article and photos are so beautiful! What a good happenstance for you. I just read the one on newly contacted tribal peoples. Can’t wait to see more. I’ll go back and read more.

    All the best,

    Barbara Cannas

  2. Cyrpus is so high on our list and has been for so long, I still don’t know why we haven’t gotten there yet.. Your post nudged it just a bit higher, thanks!

  3. Warm weather and sandy beach is usually the recipe for a great holiday. Add luxury resorts to the mix and it sounds like a place to be pampered.

  4. Hello Barbara, thanks for visiting and thanks for your kinds words. I’m glad you found me and hope you’ll return and read more.
    It’s so sad about those tribal peoples — I wish we’d just leave them be.
    Talk soon, Marcia

  5. A lot of history there. I don’t know a great deal about Cyprus. It’s so rare that I just a place. Usually, I live in places that I visit, besides France and the Czech Republic.

    Love that image.

  6. Hey Totsy, nice to hear from you!
    Cyprus does have a lot of history. It’s not a place that many people visit but it definitely worth it.
    I didn’t realize that you lived in the Czech Republic. What was that like?

  7. Hi I have been to Cyprus once.Unbelievable beach at Ayya napa.Would like to visit if get a chance.


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