Five Things to Do in Newark, NJ

Located across the Hudson River, Newark is the largest city in New Jersey and the third oldest of the major cities in the United States. Not a typical or popular tourist destination, Newark has plenty to offer.

With a population of more than 270,000, it is one of the state’s most ethnically diverse cities with African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, etc. A significant Brazilian and Portuguese population is concentrated in the Ironbound district, also called “Little Portugal.” Ironbound is known for its European feel, restaurants and the annual Portuguese Festival which is held in June.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Five Things to Do in Newark –

  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) – Home of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, NJPAC is the sixth largest performance arts center in the U.S.
  • Newark Symphony Hall – the oldest and largest showcase for the arts in New Jersey. (I saw a concert there sometime ago. Tickets for the same show at Rockefeller Center in NY was way more expensive!)
  • Newark Museum – New Jersey’s largest museum of the arts and natural sciences
  • Institute of Jazz Studies – Located at the Newark campus of Rutgers University, it is the largest and most comprehensive library and archive of jazz and jazz-related materials in the world
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart – the fifth largest cathedral in the U.S., it is an impressive looking building.

Getting there –

Newark is approximately only 8 miles from New York City and easily accessible via New Jersey Transit. By train to Newark’s Penn Station or Newark Liberty International Airport if you fly in.

Where to Stay

Enjoy Newark!

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Newark Museum

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  1. Thanks, Elizabeth. The news out of Newark always seems so dire, we tend to think nothing good could happen there. Then we see this….it’s what sparked this post.

  2. I do too, Tony. They are just so beautiful.
    And I saw a flying buttress at Notre Dame. Unfortunately, the photo isn’t that great.

  3. I’m not a religious person, but I love looking at cathedrals, that’s a great photo

  4. The picture of the Basilica is breathtaking, Marcia. I love beautiful architecture. Your photos are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the ideas of things to do in Newark.

  5. Thanks, Cheryl. I’ve been really digging these churches. So beautiful.
    I’m glad you like them too.
    Yes, Newark gets a bad rap but it’s a great place to hang out — especially Ironbound — for the food!

  6. Now I know what you’ve been up to – very nice! But I can’t see any of the comments on your posts.

  7. Thanks, Narelle!
    And thanks for visiting. I’ve been busy moving my blog to its new home. It’s been a slow and interesting learning experience for me. I’m not a programmer or a technical person in the least but I love a challenge so here we are! I’m still trying to figure out where what is — like the comments back. They were there in the beginning but I noticed that they’ve disappeared. Not sure what I did, if I did anything. Bear with me. I’ll find them again.
    Nice to hear from you,

  8. It takes a while to download the page on my poor old laptop. I don’t know if you can reduce the amount of space the photos take up without affecting the quality? Nice job.

    I’ve been doing a course all week, run by a professor of the uni in West Virginia. Wow! It was such an honour and privilege to be a part of this training. She showed us some pictures of West Virginia which she called “middle of nowhere USA”. It looked lovely.

    And now I’ve just found where to subscribe. The wordpress subscribe button doesn’t appear on the top of the screen anymore.

  9. oh no, that was the subscribe to comments button.

    i can’t find the subscribe to blog by email area.

    feel free to delete these comments about navigation! you might be getting some idea by now why i don’t travel.

  10. I’ll reduce the photo size or install a plugin that will let them load faster. Still tinkering….found a subscribe button, will work on it this weekend.

    Yes, it is a beautiful part of the country. Glad you enjoyed the training, Narelle.
    Thanks for the feed back. Talk soon,

  11. Hahahaha, what are you trying to say??? Hahahahaha!!
    No worries. It helps me as I can see how you interact with my blog — I get to see the back end, different view! If you notice anything else that affects your enjoyment of my blog, please definitely let me know. I want it to be a pleasant reading experience. Keep ’em coming!!!

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