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  1. It’s such amazing and lovely photos. I love to sunset / sunrise to take in picture, the colours are different, so much more saturated, more beautiful I think…
    I’m so jealous you’ve been in so many different places, How do you do ?! 😉

  2. Thanks, Isabelle!
    I love looking at the sun setting and rising. Watching the sun rise always leaves me feeling very peaceful and hopeful.
    Sunsets always leave me in awe. You’re right — the colors are different, more saturated and way more beautiful.
    I love to travel and do any chance I get. I’m trying to figure out how to take off and travel the world — or as much of it as I can. That’s my dream…

  3. I love the layout!
    Yes, indeed please let me know the sushi restaurant!
    Zimbabwe’s sunset looks breath-taking, I cant imagine how its in real life.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks, Milena!
    I’m still working on it, trying out different themes until I find one that sings! This one’s close, though.
    I’ll find out tomorrow and let you know.
    You’re welcome!

  5. You’re welcome, Marge.
    I have noticed that. They always make me feel as if I’m looking at the future and moving towards what’s to come.
    Thanks for stopping by, Marge!

  6. I find that I am always taking photos of paths, trails and roads. The view of the unknown … where does it lead? Where will it take me?

    Thanks for your lovely photos!

  7. Hello Milena,
    I checked in with my sushi experts. One suggested Sushiden and Masa. She says they usually sit at the sushi bar and order their sushi (which they make for you — way more expensive. Can run up to $150-160 per person) but you can sit at a table and get a selection from the menu for $25 and up.
    My other co-worker explained a bit more. She asked what you meant by the best sushi — traditional Japanese sushi or American sushi. She prefers traditional Japanese which she says is much smaller, think bite size, and doesn’t have stuff like avocado, etc. You select the fish, some of it flown in directly from Japan (higher cost) and they make the sushi for you.
    She didn’t give me any names because she said it depends on so many things — your preference (Japanese or American), what your price point is, etc. But she did say any of the restaurants listed in Zagats that are above 4 stars are good. Someone also mentioned Nobu.
    Thanks for talking about sushi. I got a little education about it from my co-workers. Funny thing is, a group of us (American, Dominican, Jamaican, 2 Japanese and a Brit) usually go out for dinner about every 2 months or so but we’ve never gone to a Japanese restaurant!
    Let me know how it goes,

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