Italy – The Hub of Showbiz

Italy is a country historically rich in culture. From the renaissance era it has been an artistic hub for Europe and much of the western world- and today is no different. From the majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, to the vibrant metropolises of Rome and Milan, it is a country steeped in history. Taking all this into account it is no wonder that, just like in the renaissance era, it attracts a vast array of ‘VIPs’, the stars of show business from across the globe to luxury hotels in Italy.

But what is it that keeps these stars coming back? There are hundreds of fantastic spectacles to see and places to visit as can be seen in this Italian luxury blog. However, many of show business’ biggest names are drawn to Italy for its peaceful holiday locations such as Lake Como and Maggiore. Lake Como and Maggiore are two of the largest lakes in Europe. Situated in the north of Italy near the Alps, they have been vacation get-away spots for Aristocracy and ‘VIPs’ for centuries. Celebrities like world renowned actor George Clooney and British rock band Muse’s lead singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy own properties on Lake Como and are drawn back to the lake’s peaceful waters and magnificent mountainous back drop time and time again.


But Italy provides much more than a spectacular holiday location. Italy is home to some of Europe’s most ancient yet animated cities. Milan and Rome are two of the fashion capitals of the world. The 2009 ‘Global Language Monitor’ ranked them 3rd and 4th respectively behind only New York and Paris and ahead of London. The bi-annual Milan fashion week is an illustrious display of some of the world’s most exquisite and highly esteemed clothing brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Roberto Cavalli. These fashion capitals are, of course, going to appeal to the stars of show business; what better way to appear tasteful and refined to the media’s watchful eye than to immerse one’s self in the most elegant and contemporary designs from the most prestigious brands across Europe.

Italian cinema is also a massive contributor to the celebrity attraction to Italy. The Italian capital, Rome, is the leading producer of cinema in Europe and globally is only overshadowed by Hollywood. The Cinecittà Studios are Europe’s largest film and television production facilities and in recent years have produced box office hits such as ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘Gangs of New York’. Year after year the Rome film festival, like the Venice film festival before it, sees stars from across the globe flock to ‘the Eternal City’.  With a focus on the up and coming contemporary trends of world cinema, the red carpet is rolled out for this annual film festival as cinemas’ biggest names admire an array of film premieres; a thoroughly exciting event for everyone involved in show business.

Italy’s allure does not end at spectacular country-sides and prestigious festivals. A wealth of archaic sculptures, fine cuisine and historic museums displaying renowned pieces from famous renaissance artists all add to the charm and attraction of Italy for the worlds ‘VIPs’- not to mention the highly esteemed operatic societies. But Italy does not have to be a place solely for celebrities.  There a number of luxurious hotels in Italy that are available for everyone, so that anyone might experience a glimpse of the countries ‘show-biz’ appeal for themselves.

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22 comments on “Italy – The Hub of Showbiz

  1. Italy does seem like a fabulous place! Though I have never been there in person but heard and seen so much of it on Tv!
    Have a wonderful weekend Marcia 🙂

  2. I love Italy and all you describe about it brings back memories… Hope you are doing well and enjoyed the Olympics. Still catching up! 🙂

  3. I have never been to Italy, but what are the most recommended place for us, travelers, to visit? I’m looking forward for the answers.

  4. After being in Italy for a few weeks, I can totally see why its such a brilliant spot for films. The country itself is quite romantic, particualrly Rome, and every where you look its like you are in a different world. Although I would have to say that people of Italy are left to be desired. Then again, so are people in Hollywood.

  5. Ahh, Italia! Definitely one of my favorite places to visit! From the films to the food, art to the vino, my Rome/Florence trip holds some very dear memories!

  6. I have not been to Italy but have always heard great things about it. One of these days.
    Too bad about the people but as you said, they’re in Hollywood and everywhere else too.

  7. I think it all depends on what you’re interested in.
    I’d want to see the Vatican and St. Mark’s Basilica, visit the Amalfi Coast, the Colosseum and the Forum, Trevi Fountain and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Those would be very high on my list.

  8. It must have been such a great experience to walk through these ancient italian streets! Have you bargained? I have heard that it is obligatory in Italy at the bazaars…

  9. Italy is one of my favorite places to visit before I die (lol).
    On my top list is Holand next is Paris, then Italy. I was hoping that by December I could go there.

  10. Wow, didn’t know Italy was that big in cinema. It seems a quaint place. I hear a lot of people talking about visiting Italy and the more I hear, the more itriguing it becomes.

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