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Italy – The Hub of Showbiz

Italy is a country historically rich in culture. From the renaissance era it has been an artistic hub for Europe and much of the western world- and today is no different. From the majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, to the vibrant metropolises of Rome and Milan, it is a country steeped in history. Taking all this into account it is no wonder that, just like in the renaissance era, it attracts a vast array of ‘VIPs’, the stars of show business from across the globe to luxury hotels in Italy.

But what is it that keeps these stars coming back? There are hundreds of fantastic spectacles to see and places to visit as can be seen in this Italian luxury blog. However, many of show business’ biggest names are drawn to Italy for its peaceful holiday locations such as Lake Como and Maggiore. Lake Como and Maggiore are two of the largest lakes in Europe. Situated in the north of Italy near the Alps, they have been vacation get-away spots for Aristocracy and ‘VIPs’ for centuries. Celebrities like world renowned actor George Clooney and British rock band Muse’s lead singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy own properties on Lake Como and are drawn back to the lake’s peaceful waters and magnificent mountainous back drop time and time again. Continue reading “Italy – The Hub of Showbiz”