Pelican Bar: We’re going there?!

A Musing Elephant and I exchanged a few comments about a recent post on her blog. When she mentioned that one of favorite places in Jamaica is Pelican Bar, I felt I had “met” a kindred spirit. Pelican Bar is one of my favorite places as well.

Our exchanges took me back to my first trip to the bar and the memories I have which serve me now on this cold day in the north east.

Pelican Bar is located on a sand bank about a quarter of a mile off the south western coast of Jamaica between Black River and Treasure Beach.

As Floyd, the owner, tells it, the idea for the bar came to him in a dream. He built it, and they’ve been coming.

Pelican Bar has been named one of the sexiest swim-up bars and has a fan page on Facebook.

Yes, this is the only way to get there

The only way to get there is by boat so don’t think of going if you’re afraid of the water or if the sea is rough.

We’re going there?

When we set off from Treasure Beach, the bar was barely visible. Then as we got closer, it began to come into view.

The parking lot’s almost full
View from the bar

Another boat coming in.

Another view (Courtesy of Nicole Barrett)
Inside the bar (Courtesy of Nicole Bennett)
Business cards (Courtesy of Nicole Barrett)

The day we went, I had delicious lunch of lobster and rice.

After lunch smiles…
and naps (Courtesy of Nicole Barrett)
Floyd, the Dreamer and owner of Pelican Bar

Saying goodbye to Floyd.

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