Statue of Liberty (via tonynewboult) and Coney Island

When I read my blogging buddy Tony’s post about his visit to New York, I asked if he’d been to Coney Island, one of coolest places around. Since he missed it, I thought I’d share some of my photos.

Coney Island Fireworks

I love going to Coney Island, especially in the summer when there are fireworks displays at 9:00 p.m. every Friday night. Once or twice a month, a few friends and I go out there for dinner, walk the boardwalk and wait for the show to begin. It never disappoints.

Shooting star

By the way, these were taken with my cell phone camera. They didn’t turn out too badly, right?

In the summer time, Coney Island crawls with cars, motorcycles and people – parents, grandparents, children, young people, bikers, lovers, everyone is there.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo:

Coney Island bikes

There are also rides and other activities. Every year, there’s a hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s, a hot dog place that’s been a fixture in Coney Island for years.

After the summer crowds disappear, the beach is deserted. I love going there then, especially in the morning and sit by the water. It really calms me.

Thanks Tony, for reminding me why I love Coney Island.

Anyway, please read Tony’s post and hear what he had to say about his visit to New York and the Statue of Liberty.

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