Quieting My Restless Mind

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I spend a lot of time in my head so when I’m having one of those days, one where my brain is so stimulated, I can’t write what I want, its paralyzing.

I had this week all laid out. Starting today, I’d write about Paris. I was excited by the ideas that were coming, made notes, selected the photos but now that I’m to start, I haven’t been able to quiet my thoughts. I feel lukewarm, no, detached about it and frankly, it’d be a struggle to write even the first sentence.

Yesterday, on the subway, I ‘wrote’ an entire post on another topic — in my head. I didn’t want to pull out my notebook and begin writing because I feared the thoughts would float away — they were flowing so effortlessly, I decided to bask in the glow of their energy instead. And I did. (I must have filed them away because I can’t recall them today. But believe me, they were beautiful and oh, so poetic!)

So since my brain’s not cooperating, here’s what I’ll do in the meantime:

  • Write what wants to come out. Writing about something else, takes the pressure off and frees up my brain so it can continue to bake the idea/s that want to come out or clear the clutter.
  • Do something physical. Like cleaning (which I need to do), walking, gardening, exercising, etc., that engages the other side of my brain and frees me up so the ideas can flow again.
  • Review the events of the past 2 days. By reliving the weekend’s events, I can connect with and process the emotions and the sparks I got. I had a weekend full of activities and each was a potential blog post. I can also plan the coming weekend’s activities.
  • Talk to someone. I do have a few calls to make that are totally unrelated to my writing. Those will also take my mind off of the matter at hand.
  • Breathe deeply. Breathing deeply forces me to concentrate on my breath, not on the confusion in my head. It’s also quite relaxing.
  • Listen to music. When I listen to music, I’ll sing along or dance and that takes my mind off the noise in my head.
  • Watch a funny movie or cartoon. It’s no understatement – laughter is good medicine. It’s the perfect antidote to stress and relaxes not just the facial muscles but the entire body.

What technique do you use to quiet your mind when it refuses to do so on its own?

8 comments on “Quieting My Restless Mind

  1. All excellent aid to getting our Muse out of bed. Funnily, I wrote on something I hadn’t planned to address today. I had another topic in my mind and just got pulled into another one… It’s all good. 🙂

  2. I think of situations that will never happen, or ask Google questions that have always bothered me (I can assure you, they’re usually very strange). I spend a lot of time in my head, and when I do, time seems to go by faster, so that helps me get past boring things faster, like homework. But, if I was doing that during homework, that usually meant, I wasn’t doing it. Haha.

  3. Hmm, I never thought of asking Google questions. I’ll add that to the list.
    Thanks, Mozes. How’s it going?

  4. Yes, it sure is, Elizabeth. As long as I’m writing, I don’t mind. I read your post. Can’t wait to read the other topic you had in mind.
    I’m slowly unraveling my thoughts — I still don’t remember the post I wrote in my head on the subway but I know it’ll come back.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Great ideas, Marcia. Sometimes the best place to be is outside of our own heads. I spend a lot of time in mine too and boy is it getting crowded in there! LOL

    Hope you’re doing well and great post.

  6. It’s going pretty good, high school is finally over. I just put a post, so you can check it out!

  7. Good to hear, Mozes. Congratulations on being out of high school and planning for the future.
    Yes, I read your post earlier. Looking forward to read how things develop.

  8. Hahahaha, I didn’t realize how crowded mine was until Monday! Ideas were flying everywhere, couldn’t hold on to one.
    I’m doing fine, thanks, Cheryl.
    Thanks and thanks for stopping by,

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