Weekend Getaway: Lambertville, Antiques Capital of NJ

“We discovered this new place that I know you’ll love,” Zoraya said to me. “It’s just as quaint as Cape May, with beautiful historic houses and lots of antique stores — and a lot closer. Let’s pick a weekend and drive down to Lambertville.”

I had never heard of Lambertville before but she had my attention when she said quaint, historic houses and antique stores.

Lambertville, NJ train station
Train station, Lambertville

Lambertville is situated on the Delaware River in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and is an easy hour or so drive from Manhattan. The small community, less than 2 square miles, it is home to about 4,000 residents. Its many 18th and 19th century houses give it an old-world appeal.

We were bubbling with excitement like under-aged schoolgirls who had just gotten the keys to the family car as we planned our daylong jaunt. We had hoped for a sunny day but the clouds couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Arriving in Lambertville, we browsed several stores and were tempted by antique silverware, vintage Gucci and Coach bags, an old world lace dress (that I could see myself wearing as I sipped lemonade and nibbled on finger sandwiches), jewelry, vintage perfume bottles.

I could have bought much more than the notebook, lavender sachets, soaps and clothes I came away with but just looking at the chandeliers, lamps, garden furniture, furniture, books, postcards, etc., I began to feel my brain shutting down from visual overloaded.  When that happens, I can’t see anything else no matter how beautiful. We decided to pause for lunch. But I plan to return later in the spring and fall – I’m sure the foliage here will be spectacular.

Here’s a taste of what Lambertville has to offer –

Where to Stay

Getting There

From Manhattan: NJ Turnpike South to 78 W, then 287 South to 202 S to Flemington, then Route 202 to Lambertville.

So if you’re in the Northeast and feel the need to get away for a day, think of Lambertville. It’s worth the drive.

Next post: New Hope, PA

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12 comments on “Weekend Getaway: Lambertville, Antiques Capital of NJ

  1. Thanks John,
    I just discovered New Hope/Lambertville. New Hope looks pretty cool. Can’t wait for the weather to get warm — I can see a few trips in my future.

  2. Hmmm …I actually live about 20 minutes from there, closer to New Hope on the PA side.
    Good post

    …and PS: still didn’t forget about your versatile blogger nomination!

  3. Love quaint little towns, they always have the most fabulous little antinque shops to browse, the small cafes along the streets, stores full of arts and crafts creatively displayed and I have always found the people to be down to earth and friendly.

  4. I do too, Penny. One of these days, I’m gonna move to one!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Sounds lovely…
    Never heard of it; so that is all the reason to drive up and take a look around this summer. Thank you! 🙂

  6. It is, Elizabeth. It’s perfect for a summer or fall weekend.
    I plan to go back.

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  9. It’s the old train station. They converted it to a restaurant. It was very crowded so we went somewhere else for lunch.
    There are lots of beautiful buildings there — I definitely plan to go back, especially when it gets warm.
    It was just a day trip. I found out that Elizabeth Gilbert – the author of Eat, Pray, Love had a store in another little town not far from there.
    I’ll be checking that one out soon.

  10. What a beautiful historical building this is! Sounds like a great trip. Did you spend the night there too or was it a day trip? So neat when you find places like that so close to your home!

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