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My blog buddy, Elizabeth’s post yesterday at Mirth and Motivation had me straining to remember a song, a fragment of which floated tauntingly just outside my consciousness. Each time, I thought I had it, it floated further away from me.

India.Arie from

I stayed up quite late listening to Jill and Macy, getting more and more frustrated because it wasn’t either of them and worse, I was no closer to finding out than when I began. No point doing an Internet search since I couldn’t even remember the words.

Sometimes, when I can’t solve a problem or remember something, I put it to bed and by the next morning, I’d wake with the answer.

I chuckled when I realized how quietly the information had slipped into my memory. The song, Brown Skin, by neo-soul, R&B singer,India.Arie, had been my personal anthem. How could I have forgotten it? There was a time when I played it so much, I was sure I had damaged it. Then, as one of my best friends who’d met a new love raved ceaselessly about Acoustic Soul, the CD that brought her to our attention, I listened again and heard things I didn’t realize were there.

India.Arie had my attention and earned respect when she sang, “I may not be built like a supermodel/But I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally.”

A few years ago, I ran into her at the African Arts Festival in Brooklyn. I wasn’t sure it was her. It couldn’t be, I thought. She was walking with someone else, no entourage, no bodyguard. Strolling, like one of the many women there that day. People who recognized her, waved and she waved back. A few stopped and spoke with her. I was happy just to be able to say I saw India.Arie at the festival.

But later, we met at the entrance to one of the booths. I smiled and told her how much I loved her music. Smiling, she took my hand into hers and thanked me.

The Grammy-Award winning singer, songwriter, and producer was born on October 3, 1975 in Denver, Colorado. She has performed or collaborated with artists such as Cassandra Wilson, Carlos Santana, Adele, Sérgio Mendes and Akon.

Her latest CD, Open Door, is scheduled to be released in October. Acoustic SoulVoyage to India,Testimony: Vol. 1, Love & Relationship, and Testimony: Vol, 2, Love & Politics are her others.



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  1. I enjoy India Arie’s music as well. I used to go to a poet’s spot in Atlanta awhile ago and I understand India performed there quite frequently before making it big.

  2. I love India.Arie and her music. I listened to it a lot when she first broke through the charts. I was always touched by her down to earth nature; the unpretentiousness. So, it doesn’t surprise me that your encounter was so… human and devoid of the usual drama that occurs around celebrities. God bless her soul and thanks for pulling us in to revisit this fantastic singer’s music again. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, Elizabeth. You started it- lol!
    She seems to have her head on right and I hope God continues to smile on her and keep her real. We need more of her.

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