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Soulful Sundays – India.Arie

My blog buddy, Elizabeth’s post¬†yesterday at Mirth and Motivation had me straining to remember a song, a fragment of which floated tauntingly just outside my consciousness. Each time, I thought I had it, it floated further away from me.

India.Arie from

I stayed up quite late listening to Jill and Macy, getting more and more frustrated because it wasn’t either of them and worse, I was no closer to finding out than when I began. No point doing an Internet search since I couldn’t even remember the words.

Sometimes, when I can’t solve a problem or remember something, I put it to bed and by the next morning, I’d wake with the answer.

I chuckled when I realized how quietly the information had slipped into my memory. The song,¬†Brown Skin, by neo-soul, R&B singer,India.Arie, had been my personal anthem. How could I have forgotten it? There was a time when I played it so much, I was sure I had damaged it. Then, as one of my best friends who’d met a new love raved ceaselessly about Acoustic Soul, the CD that brought her to our attention, I listened again and heard things I didn’t realize were there.

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