Soulful Sundays: The Temptations’ and my Fathers’ Day Tribute

Dad and me, 1994 - Maynefoto

I thought for today’s Soulful Sundays, I’d pick a song that celebrated fathers.  The Temptations’ Papa Was a Rolling Stone was the first one that came to mind though it’s a celebration of one type of father.

June’s a difficult month, not only because of Fathers’ Day but because the 6th is the day my father was born.

When I was growing up, my father and I had a sometime stormy relationship but either I mellowed as I got older or he began to see my point of view. Either way, we became very good friends. I could talk to him about anything. Whenever I went home, the first thing he’d do is fix us drinks and we’d sit on the verandah and talk for hours. There’d be much laughter as well.

My dad loved cricket and politics and would read the newspaper from cover to cover everyday. His next big love was his lodge. I used to try every trick I could think of to get him to tell me about the lodge but he’d never say a word.

The Sunday Dad was taken to the hospital, my sister called. I felt certain he’d recover. After all, he’d assured me several months earlier when he’d had a mild stroke that he wasn’t “going anywhere.” I believed him. A few days later, he couldn’t see. And I knew.

I rushed home and went to the hospital. I still felt he’d make it. But he passed away with us at his bedside. Everyone said he had waited for me. I’d like to think he did.

Here’s The Temptations’ Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Happy Fathers’ Day!


13 comments on “Soulful Sundays: The Temptations’ and my Fathers’ Day Tribute

  1. That song’s a classic 🙂

    What a gift to have shared that special relationship with Dad, despite differences. In the end, it’s all good and sweet.

  2. Marcia, I was deeply moved by your post. This is one of my favorite songs! My father passed away last year and today has been difficult in that sense. I’m sure your father waited for you! It’s such a comforting thought, isn’t it? Here’s hoping you get through the day with loving memories of your dad.

  3. Oh, thanks, Bella. I wish the same for you, too. The first year, as I’m sure you know, is difficult but I hope your memories will bring you comfort. I knew I had gotten past the worst when I could laugh when I remembered some of his jokes.
    Thanks for the visit, Bella!

  4. Is sure is, Tosh.
    It didn’t feel like it at the time and I realize that I’m pretty lucky.
    Thanks for visiting,

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  6. What a touching story…. and so beautifully shared. I love that picture of you with your dad. I believe he waited for you to come home too… Happy Father’s Day!

  7. There’s something very primal about losing a parent. When my father died it was like someone had shaken my family tree. It’s been about 25 years, but I can still remember that feeling of shock.

    We celebrate Fathers Day in September in Australia. There’s a nice break between Mothers Day (May) and Fathers Day.

  8. Watching my dad take his last breath was life altering. It stayed with me for months after. I felt as if I had lost my legs, my anchor. I don’t know when it went away but I was glad to laugh again.
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad.

    That is definitely a good break. I wonder why ours is June and yours September. When’s your Mother’s day?
    Thanks for visiting, Narelle,

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