What Some Bloggers are Saying About Paris


I could write about Paris everyday and not run out of things to say.  But I woke up this morning thinking about my blog buddy, Heather Munro, whose posts on Paris really got me stoked. Heather’s photographs capture the romance and the beauty of Paris like no other blogger I had seen in a while.

The Seine

So I went looking for what other bloggers are saying about Paris. Hope you like my selection:

  • Jordan (http://ohhappyday.com), an American who recently moved to Paris, is giving away a 7-day trip for two to Paris. Unfortunately, the giveaway closes at 11:59 tonight. So head over to her blog and enter.
  • My Little Paris (http://www.mylittle.fr/mylittleparis/en/) is a bilingual blog on all things French.
  • Nicole, an American, lived in Paris for a while. Her blog (http://littlebrownpen.blogspot.com) chronicles her Paris Color Project, a series of photographs on color in the city of light.
  • Prêt á Voyager (http://pretavoyager.blogspot.com) is the blog of self-confessed Paris-loving graphic designer Anne Ditmeyer. Anne’s posts cover living in and visiting Paris.
  • Erica Berman’s post on French Restaurant Etiquette: Dining in France Like a Local caught my eye. Erica, an American who’s been living in Paris for several years, owns a vacation rental company and blogs about everything hip in Paris. (http://hipparis.com).
  • Cynthia is a French student who’s studying in England. Her blog (http://goodtipsinparis.wordpress.com) offers tips on Paris.
  • Kathy, my blog buddy over at To Write is to Write, did a sweet little post on her trip to Paris. Read it here.
  • Heather lives in the U.S. but it’s safe to say she’d rather be in Paris. I loved her post on the Eiffel Tower and Chartres but check out all her posts under the Paris category. You’re in for a rare treat.

Enjoy these images of Paris:

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12 comments on “What Some Bloggers are Saying About Paris

  1. Not too sure about Paris, but I would like to see the French countryside. My husband dreams of one day owning a little cottage in a French village so we can spend 6 months in France and 6 months in  Australia.

    I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the French cuisine though. I am lactose and yeast intolerant – no cheese, wine, or bread for me!

  2. I think your husband’s on to something. A cottage in a French village would be lovely, wouldn’t it?
    You and me — I’m lactose intolerant and I stay away from yeast but I’m sure you’ll be able to find lots of other things to eat!
    Thanks for the visit, Narelle!

  3. It sure is. I definitely want to go back, spend more time, visiting friends. I was hoping to see a friend who lives in Lisle but time was not on my side. Next time.

  4. It is a magnificent city with tons of opportunities to create a long lasting paradise… and the best memories to boot. 😉

  5. I really don’t think so.
    I don’t like them either and I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous person. And I’m almost sure there are some French people who don’t like snails.

  6. Thanks so much for your kind words, Marcia! I’m really enjoying seeing Paris again through your eyes. Please keep the posts coming!  🙂

  7. You’re welcome, Heather.
    I fell in love with *your* Paris — can’t wait for you to go back.

  8. I switched from Disqus and downloaded my comments so I could transfer them back to WP but the link doesn’t work!
    I’m working on how to retrieve them. Thanks for letting me know.

  9. I read about the Paris pass though I’m not sure why I didn’t get one. It’s definitely on my list for the next time. Thanks, Sara, and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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