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Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

A Jamaican breakfast is usually a pretty substantial meal. It can consist of any of the following: boiled green banana, fried plantain, dumplings, Johnny Cakes, roasted breadfruit (when in season), Festival  (a Johnny Cake made of flour and cornmeal), avocado (when in season) and yam with either steamed fish, ackee and saltfish, callaloo or callaloo and saltfish, corned beef, sardines, etc. Sometimes, there might be porridge made from oats, cornmeal, banana, plantain, peanut, etc.

Breakfast (Jamaica) of ackee, salt fish, dumplings, Festival, roasted breadfruit and avocado
Ackee, saltfish, dumplings, roasted breadfruit and avocado

I took the photo of a breakfast I had a few weeks ago at Max, a Jamaican restaurant in Hackensack, New Jersey. I went there specifically for the ackee and saltfish, a true treat, and No. 2 on National Geographic’s Top 1o National Dishes. I had it with Festival, fried roasted breadfruit, boiled dumplings, a slice of yam and a slice of avocado. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it!