Travel Photo Thursday: Table Mountain

Table Mountain was not on our itinerary, not for that gorgeous day. After an emotionally charged visit to Robben Island, all we wanted to do was have a meal and take a nap.

But Ian, our guide, insisted. The weather was perfect, he said. There was no guarantee we’d have another one, best to take advantage. If the clouds came in, visibility on Table Mountain would be reduced. I know this mountain, he said. You only have five days, why wait for tomorrow when you could see something else? We’re so close.

We insisted. We huddled among ourselves. We were adamant. We didn’t want a tour guide to commandeer our vacation. After all, for more than a week, we’d had people telling us what to do and when do it. And after Cape Town, we’d have another tour guide shepherding us around. Independent people, we wanted our freedom or a least a little latitude.

I can’t remember now what Ian said that clinched it. But I’m glad he didn’t give up. It was the best decision we made that day. As it turned out, it rained all day the next day and for several days after that, Table mountain looked as if a crisp white tablecloth had been spread over it.

View of Cape Town from Table Mountain

From that moment, we never objected to anything Ian recommended.

8 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday: Table Mountain

  1. It is really gorgeous and the views, when the there’s no cloud cover, are spectacular. We were very glad we listened. We still talk about that experience and I’ve referred our guide to other friends who’ve visited Cape Town.
    You’re right. We hire guides or talk to people on the ground because they’re supposed to know, right? I’m not saying I won’t question or understand why someone’s telling me to do something but I won’t dismiss their suggestions out of hand.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Best way to travel through Europe – by train. Loved your photos,

  2. I’ve only seen Table Mountain or views from it in photos. What a gorgeous place. So glad that your guide finally convinced you to go there. But I understand what you’re saying about wanting to be independent and make your own decisions. It’s just that sometimes, the experts are right. I just had an experience in Europe where I should have listened to someone “in the know” and didn’t. It wasn’t anything like missing out on a view of Table Mountain, but it gave me something to think about.

  3. Fantastic throughout and amazing view…. Lucky you to have visited that place…
    Now when do we go back? 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I love it when a tour guide knows when to insist on something as yours did.

  5. Elizabeth, we can go back today!
    One of my friends just asked me if I want to go with her when she takes her mom back in the fall. Times like these that I wish I had a clone (one to do the work, one to travel) or unlimited funds. It’s now almost a year and my friends and I are still talking about the trip. I need a year (or more) to reconnect with Africa. That continent has my heart.

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