8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

  1. That was one of the ‘clear’ photos. The sky was almost covered over by poofy looking clouds. It was an amazing sight.
    I’m not sure I could be a pilot.
    Working on your recipe, writing from scratch so I have to think about it!

  2. Well, I hope mine will. It’s the way I cook it — I know it by heart so I don’t even measure anymore.
    Just a few more minutes,

  3. Well, I was wait patiently wait with eagerness 🙂 Matter of fact, I was just talking to my son a second ago and telling him you were whipping it up for me. He said he’s tried some online but they didn’t quite make the cut.

  4. Hi Marcia
    Sorry I haven’t been round for a while, it’s taken a while to catch up on my sleep after the festival!
    Some cool photos there!
    I’m curious, what are you guys baking?

  5. Hi Tony, welcome back!
    You must have a lot of stories about Glastonbury. Can’t wait to read about it and see your photos.
    Baking? My recipes? It’s the July 4th weekend so we’ll be barbecuing, not baking. At least, I won’t!
    Will stop by later, have a pint with you.

  6. It sure is, Sherry!
    We had a beautiful day here on Thursday — the day I took the photo. The sky was a brilliant blue, the air was nice and soft, very low humidity. Everyone said that’s how summer should be. Alas, it didn’t last!

  7. I love the first photo of the clear sky. I don’t get to see that very often, even when I was living in a tropical climate. Its a reminder that good weather is ahead, and that, is something to be happy about!

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