Travel Photo Thursday – New York View

New York has a million faces. It just depends on where you are. Of course, the city looks very different when you’re not at ground level.

I took this from the Time Warner Building. Before the sun set, I could see directly to New Jersey. A few hours later, these clouds came into view and washed the buildings with an inky tint.

View from the Time Warner Building
View from the Time Warner Building

Those saucers are the light fixtures from inside the building. They just bounced off the window.

I love New York, New York!

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  1. You know, for a very short time after I was born, my mom moved to New Jersey. I have a few folks there, as well as NY. She was young and didn’t like it there. I kinda wonder what the experience of of growing up there would’ve been like.

    I keep telling my son that I don’t understand quite why students finish college and move right back to where they were raised. The world is so much bigger than where we’re from and it’ll always be there,

    Well, that’s my soapbox for the day. NY is definitely a place for me to visit and take my daughter. I’m just so busy with getting prepared to do another thing or two right now. Maybe I should write it down for next summer. I couldn’t do a winter there. This southern girl might crack in the cold πŸ™‚

  2. Well, you probably wouldn’t be the Southern Belle that you are, that’s for sure! You should come this way for a visit. I’ll be your tour guide.
    Girl, I don’t know what’s going on with these kids. I was so anxious to leave home, I just couldn’t wait!
    Looking forward to seeing your face in NYC!!

  3. No, I wouldn’t have all the southern charm of the Belle that I am now and that just wouldn’t be right, huh πŸ™‚

    I know I couldn’t wait but that’s another story I haven’t gotten to yet πŸ™‚

    Yes, I do want to visit the Big A. But why do I keep picture getting mugged on the subway? I’m not getting on the subway.

  4. Girl, that was the 70s! Even the mayor rides the subway. I’m not saying it’s 100% crime free but it’s 100% better than it used to be. We’ve had one or two incidents but nothing out of the ordinary for a city of this size. The subway is the best way to get around the city. I take the bus though, esp in the summer. That platform is brutal in the summer – like today when it’s 100+, you couldn’t get me going down there.
    Okay, so I have to confess: I’ve never been to Atlanta. Well, technically, I’ve been to the airport twice to change planes but that doesn’t count. My godmother and some of my mom’s cousins have been living there for several years and I’ve promised to visit – one of these days.

  5. The light from inside the building adds a really cool effect to the picture. I don’t even know how to describe it… but I like it!

  6. Yup, I’m sure. I didn’t notice until after that the light from fixtures on the ceiling were bouncing off the walls. A few other people asked that as well. Now, that would have been something!

  7. Thanks, Ozias. I was so focused on the image, I didn’t notice the light until after I took the photo. You should see the one I didn’t use. A silhouette of my body superimposed on the building. Pretty cool.

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