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Travel Photo Thursday – New York View

New York has a million faces. It just depends on where you are. Of course, the city looks very different when you’re not at ground level.

I took this from the Time Warner Building. Before the sun set, I could see directly to New Jersey. A few hours later, these clouds came into view and washed the buildings with an inky tint.

View from the Time Warner Building
View from the Time Warner Building

Those saucers are the light fixtures from inside the building. They just bounced off the window.

I love New York, New York!

Travel Photo Thursday – Old and New New York

Old and New New York

One of the newest hotels in New York, the Hyatt 48Lex, will open in August.

The old building, which housed a camera store, a deli and an antiques shop, was demolished around 2005 or 2006. I was curious to see what would take its place.

Once the scaffolding was removed, I was surprised a thoroughly modern structure which is a lovely counterpoint to the building next to it.

Several gargoyles adorn the older building, also a hotel. I wonder where the water that they normally channel will go. I guess it’ll roll off the glass siding of the Hyatt.

I’ll definitely take a closer look when it opens.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

I wasn’t sure I had photos for this week’s challenge but I know now not to dismiss the challenge before looking through my collection. Sure enough, I found several photos.

So here are my photos and my thoughts on numbers.

Numbers follow us everywhere we go. When we’re born, our birth announcements include the dates and times of birth and the number of pounds we weighed. Even our names can be reduced to a number. Mine’s 5. Do you know what yours is? If you don’t, you can find it here.

Most of have numbers in our street addresses, social security and telephone numbers. Some people have favorite numbers and numbers that they play. What’s your favorite number?

These are just a few examples of the impact and importance of numbers in our lives. We just can’t escape them!

Here’s my take on this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers.

St. Paul's Cathedral - Maynefoto
Habana 1791 - Maynefoto
Cape Numbers - Maynefoto
500 steps down, many more to go. Eiffel Tower steps - Maynefoto
One Hundred Trillion Dollars - Maynefoto

How do you numbers affect your life? Please share!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

I love amaryllis and bought several bulbs two Christmases ago. After they bloomed, I left them on the window sill, watering them occasionally.

Several days ago, I noticed something reddish-brown against the blinds. I was shocked to see that a bud was beginning to peek through. The plant hadn’t bloomed in more than a year.

Excitedly, I grabbed my camera and began documenting each day’s progress. Here’s day #4


As far as I know, amaryllis shouldn’t be blooming now, so I decided to check. According to Wikipedia, this is probably not an amaryllis at all but rather a hippeastrum, a flowering bulb that is able to bloom indoors.

But since it is blooming now, I taking it as a sure sign of Spring.