Weekend Getaway: New Hope, PA

Image by Oleg Dulin via Flickr

If you visit Lambertville, NJ, you owe it to yourself to make the five minute walk across the bridge to New Hope, PA.

New Hope is a vibrant arts community of about 2,500 residents. A number of restaurants, antique shops and art galleries line its main street. And on weekends, according to one local, businessmen turned bikers, ride their expensive machines over to drink mojitos.

Bohemian New Hope has been a gay friendly community since the 1950s. When we arrived last week, we walked right into the middle of a boisterous Pride celebration, complete with outdoor concert, costumes and Ms. Gay New Jersey.

The Bucks County Playhouse which opened in 1939, became famous as the venue where plays destined for Broadway were fine tuned. The playhouse closed last year but is expected to be reopened under new ownership.

New Hope is less than an hour from Philadelphia and about 90 minutes from New York City. It’s my kind of town.

Delaware River near New Hope and Lambertville
The Delaware River forms a natural border between Lambertville and New Hope

Where to Shop:

Where to Eat:

Where to Sleep:

Getting There:

From the Philadelphia area, follow Interstate 95 N, Exit 51 New Hope/Yardley. Follow signs to New Hope.


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6 comments on “Weekend Getaway: New Hope, PA

  1. sounds like a great place to visit. too bad about not being able to buy cuban cigars stateside. they are excellent! i don’t smoke, except when i go overseas and THEN, i always splurge on a cuban cigar!

  2. Oh, I wish I did so I could enjoy one. I’ve heard they’re excellent!
    Yes, New Hope is very artsy, very eclectic. It’s the first place in the US I’ve ever seen the name Cuba on a sign and Havana almost across the street! I did a double take when I saw it. I was sure I was in another country!!

  3. It sure is. A hookah is a water pipe used for smoking tobacco. Very popular in the Middle East, gaining popular here in the US. The hookah lounge is like a cigar bar for people who smoke a hookah.
    I’ve never used one but it’s always looked pretty interesting.

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