Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful


Colorful man, Montego Bay Airport
Colorful man

Like a lot of people, I love color. Red’s my favorite.

Color affects mood. For example, red energizes, blue and green soothe.

Colorful trashcan, Durban
Colorful garbage can, Durban

This garbage can surprised me. Wonder if those colors encourage people to be more diligent in putting waste in it?

Colorful fruits
Colorful fruits

One of the things I love about summer is the variety of colorful fruits available. These looked so beautiful, I had to take a photo.

Colorful flowers
Colorful flowers

I took these at the New York Botanical Gardens. As you might expect, the Botanical Gardens is full of beautiful flowers. These stood out for their color and vibrancy.

Colorful ricksha
Colorful ricksha

From the moment I saw these rickshas on a website, I knew I had to see one up close. It didn’t fail to impress.


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

  1. WoW! You definitely have some colorful shots here… 🙂 I love the first one… brings back memories of carnival.

  2. What an amazing display of colors! I love the fruit, flowers, tall man, rickshaw – it’s all so unique and wonderful! LOVELY!

  3. I love those colors, Marcia. Being in that ricksha looks like fun too.It’s amazing how people use colors. Too, I’ve always been fascinated with people who walked on stilts.

    Colors say a lot too.

  4. The New York Botanical Gardens are in the Bronx, about 20-30 minutes by car from Manhattan.
    There’s also the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens but I believe the NYBG is bigger.

  5. I didn’t realize I had so many either, Elizabeth, and a few more I didn’t bother to include.
    I’m glad the first one brought back carnival memories.

  6. Thanks, Totsy.
    It does take a special skill. Just look how tall he is, I’m sure they’re at least 2-3ft. I’d definitely topple over!
    Being in the ricksha was fun but seeing the driver in his gear was priceless. Each one is different. I wonder sometimes how people think of doing things like that. I guess it’s like how we know to combine certain foods.

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