Weekly Photo Challenge – Entrance

I have so many photos of entrances, especially those to churches, I had a hard time deciding which ones to include.

Entrances can be opulent, functional or rudimentary. Either way, it’s one detail that tells us a great deal. See what you think.

Entrance, Buckingham Palace
Entrance, Buckingham Palace
Entrance, Paris
Entrance, Paris
Entrance, Union of Writers, Havana
Entrance, Havana

 Entrance, Chatelet Metro, Paris

Entrance, Chatelet Metro, Paris


Entrance, Jamaica
Entrance, Jamaica
Entrance, The Pierre Hotel
Entrance, The Pierre Hotel, NY



12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Entrance

  1. —ohhhhh, soooooooo hard to decide.
    they are all utterly sensational…
    The entrance to Buck House always get to me.
    Love the post. Thanks !!!

  2. Most look grand to me but the stairs in Jamaica look natural, peaceful.

    So, you were at Buckingham palace? Although I’d like to live there, I’m now becoming more aware of the citizens supporting the palace or monarchy (Is that the right term?) So, say if I had a flat (see, I’m speaking Brit already), my taxes would help to maintain the kings and queens, is that right?

    I was a poor math student but maybe you can help me. What’s the probability of me marrying a future king so that I have to pay no taxes? (Lol)

  3. LOL, you don’t need math to figure that one out! Since there are no kings in the US and I don’t see any of the UK royals marrying a black woman. Now, what’s-his-name in Monaco had a child with an African woman but didn’t marry her. There’s a young king in Southern Africa – Swaziland, I think, but he’s already got about 20 wives. Plus, you might just be a little too outspoken for him.
    I went to the gate of Buckingham Palace. I should have asked to be let in, seeing as how my country (and several others) helped build England and contribute to the royal coffers. Maybe that’s why I’m no lover of royalty. I still can’t see what purpose they serve, especially this family.
    I’m not sure how much taxpayers in the UK contribute to keep the royals in frill and finery. I’m not saying that poverty isn’t everywhere or that I condone the riots, but it’s been brewing. The UK economy has been in the tank for several years now and not getting better. A lot of people who are affected are poor (no surprise) and the young. The devil finds work….
    I love looking at those stairs too. Very restful.

  4. So you want to go for the old prince. I was sure the son would have been more your style!
    Camilla wouldn’t stand a chance!!!
    Very unfortunate. And now they’ve imported the US police specialist to teach them how it’s done. Says too much to me.

  5. (Tapping my fingers on the table, now. Thinking if I trip Camille up and tie her up in a closet, I can blindfold Charles long enough and learn Brit talk, so that he’ll blindly fall in love with me and kick ole girl to the curb)
    Oh, well, my prince has to be in the palace since I’m thinking of moving there. I won’t settle for having babies on the side and whatnot, being the proper southern belle that I am. Lol!

    Yes, it so very unfortunate about the lootings there. I read that some people are now homeless. Heartbreaking…

  6. No, no. That’s a bit cougarish. Not my style. Someone mentioned that Charles married Diana for heirs only, so I suppose it all worked out for him?

  7. I guess I thought of you as a bit younger — you sound younger – at least younger than I am.
    It sure did, didn’t it? Yeah, they can afford to get a young woman for her child bearing ability. What a life, eh?

  8. I agree that entrances can range from the nondescript to the notable an everything in between. I love your selection. They are all unique in their own way so I cant say any is less than… Excellent job! 🙂
    Enjoy your time away. 🙂

  9. Gorgeous! I have lots of photos like this, I love gates and doorways and things like that. I think Buckingham Palace is my favorite of these!


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