Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

I love the word journey. It suggest so much more than a trip, tour, travel or visit. Each place I visit is a new journey, a new opportunity to explore and learn something about the people who live there, their language, culture and way of life, etc.

Because journey is such a strong word, I knew that it had to be part of my blog name, InsideJourneys. And when I saw that it was the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge at WordPress, I had no doubt that I’d have plenty of suitable photos to choose from.

Bus at Robben Island
Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey - Bus at Robben Island

This bus got it right: We’re on this journey together.

Virgin airline
Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey - Virgin airline

A journey of a thousand miles….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey
Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey - Ships in Montego Bay
Canoes in Falmouth, Jamaica
Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey - Canoes, Falmouth, Jamaica

Life is a journey.

End of the journey, Zimbabwe
Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey - End of the Journey, Zimbabwe

This is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge organized by WordPress.

24 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. Beautiful and meaningful shots. I particularly love the unique view of the airplane wing. Nice work!And happy journeys.

  2. Agree completely journey is a much more powerful word. Loved the pics especially of the airline and that train in Zimbabwe!
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Love that train photo. Don’t know what it is with me and trains. I’ve never ridden one but always had a fascination with them. From childhood, I guess. And believe it or not, as much as I don’t like water, I like row boats and seeing them on the water. Not with me in one, of course.

    Very relaxing and taking it easy photos. You’ve got one heck of a camera to capture the tail end of that plane.

  4. Hahaha, thanks Totsymae!
    Know how much you don’t like water, I’m surprised to hear that you like seeing boats. I never would have guessed.
    You mean you never took the train when you were in Europe? You must take a ride, it’s such a cool experience. I really like the old ones with the steam engine and I also like the new ones too.

  5. Oh my God how did you take this airplane shot? Simply marvelous! Every time I come to your blog I fall in love with your collection!

  6. I guess I have, Elizabeth. Most times, though, I tend to think of all the places I haven’t been — and that can be a little overwhelming. Thanks, glad you like.

  7. Oh I am too! And after watching movies like ‘turbulence’ ans ‘snakes on the plane’ I don’t think I can ever fly 😀

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