Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Everyone who knows me knows (or should know) that I love red. It’s my favorite color. But when I saw this week’s Photo Challenge, I panicked. Do I have anything red, I wondered?

I looked at my phone — the case is red — and thought that if I didn’t find anything, I’d take a photo of it. But a quick search on my computer turned these up. Saved!

Coca Cola Man on Cape Town's V& A Waterfront

From our window, this giant man looked like it was made of legos. It wasn’t until we got closer that I realized that it was made from Coca Cola crates – 4,200 of them!

Un auto rojo

It was an unexpected pleasure to come upon this sculpture park near Havana‘s Plaza de la Revolución. I wanted to take this one home and put it in my backyard.

Seeing Red

Another of Havana’s classic cars.


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15 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

  1. I love the color red too and your shots just reminded me of a few I have stashed away in my files. That coca cola man is awesome! 🙂

  2. Red’s vibrant, energetic, sexy, passionate, firey.
    I wish I had taken a better photo of that coca cola man — yes, it is absolutely awesome up close.

  3. What fun photos you have! I love the man and adore the car!

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