4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

  1. Even when it’s cold outside I fill my glass with ice. It’s not good if it’s not cold! ….when I get drinks for other people their eyes usually pop a little.

  2. I can only do cold when it’s hot or when I’m having drinks.
    My mom used to tell me not to use too much ice but it’s the only thing that cools me down when it’s very humid.
    Thanks for the visit, Faith!

  3. I’m surprised that the ice in the water didn’t melt instantaneously. But then again I have not felt anything even nearing the 90s this year and probably won’t do so here in Seattle, except maybe some time in August (and that’s a maybe). The water looks very refreshing though, especially with that lime wedge. For me, I love my drinks in the extremes; if its a cold drink, it must be icy cold and if its a hot drink, it must be burn-my-tongue hot.

  4. Seattle sounds like someplace I should visit. We had one of your days here today but I hear its supposed to get more humid over the weekend.
    When it gets that humid, I eat differently. I love to cook but when it’s hot, I hate being near the stove — well, unless I have a very cold drink next to me. I love hot drinks — I’ve burned my tongue several times so I usually wait a bit before I drink but if I’m having tea or something that’s supposed to be hot, it better be hot.
    Thanks for visiting, Sherry!

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