6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

  1. Yes, I did, Tony.

    BTW, I’m nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Will send details later.

  2. Marcia, this is such a great example of Round! I already picked out which seat I’m sitting in (can you see me?) and am taking photos of all the folks on the ground!

  3. Did you go on it? WOW! I thought about it when I was in London but I don’t like heights like that so I skipped it… LOL!

  4. Oh yes, I did, Elizabeth! It was beautiful to be up there. But if you’re afraid of heights, it would have been difficult.
    My sister and I had been planning to take our 84 year old aunt, the family nomad, but she’s not as mobile anymore because of Parkinson’s — she’s finally gotten a wheelchair, so maybe next time. I would have given anything to get her reaction to seeing London from up so high. She would have been giddy.

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