Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

It was a bit harder to find photos that described the subject of this week’s Photo Challenge by WordPress. Would love to hear what you think about my choice.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects
Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This might seem like an unlikely pairing – elephants and cape buffalo – but these two of the Big Five animals – the rhino, leopard and lion are the others — didn’t seem to mind sharing the same watering hole.



18 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. Though it has been hard to find a suitable pic for this challenge, the result is great! The shot is interesting and make me think!

  2. Oh! It was a tough theme and you have done tremendous justice to it. Loved the pic, its very beautiful.
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Beautiful and the blue skyline in the backdrop is perfect. Different animals at peace and getting along well. This must be a daily routine.

  4. I agree, this week’s challenge was hard.

    The buffaloes looks rather mean there (like they are ready to pick a fight), while the elephants look so peaceful in the back…

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