14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. The last photo, it looks as if the sky is merging with water.
    I couldn’t see the first one, with this internet being so slow. As much as I could see, I saw there is a rock structure and then I saw the name and remember it from art class. A simple, yet famous piece. The wonder is how did the people manage to do this and that it remained erect.

  2. Those are absolutely amazing site – Stonehenge. I’ve seen documentaries on it but it still blew my mind when I saw it. Glad you remembered it from art class.
    I agree with you on the first one.

  3. I love the way the light is bouncing off of Stonhenge…stunning! Next time I’m in the UK I would love to see it in person:-)

  4. Beautiful shots! My favorite is the first one, I really like how the lens glows in red, just like it burned!You’ve chosen a great perspective!

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