My non-Valentine Valentine’s Day

I have a confession: I’ve never had a Valentine – well, not one that I remember.

Somehow, I always seem to meet guys after February and we break up before the next

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day.

Or, the ones I end up with don’t believe in Valentine’s Day.

So while other girls are getting gussied up to go out to dinner, expecting the obligatory hearts and flowers, I wait patiently for the day to end.

Why does that happen to me, a romantic?

It is just one day, I console myself.

But yesterday, I decided to do be honest with myself. Rather ignore it or pretend it doesn’t matter, I thought, I’d be proactive and face it heart on.

So today, I’m sending myself a hundred roses. I’m going to buy the biggest caramel heart I can find (No chocolate for me, I hate the stuff with a passion. Speaking of: what do guys buy a girl who doesn’t like chocolate?), and if I can still get a reservation, take myself out for the most heart soothing meal there is.

Oh, and I’ll wish myself a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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8 comments on “My non-Valentine Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow! I’ve never met somebody who doesn’t like chocolate! I don’t like chocolate either! I know exactly how you feel, I hate getting chocolate (if any) on valentine’s day.

  2. Marcia, a belated Valentine’s day to you. I’m so glad you did something for yourself. That really means more than any gift we get from someone else.

    I’m so happy you want to be blogging buddies. I post once a week but sometimes get in one or two more. Will that be a problem since you post everyday? I’m looking forward to encouraging you and for any encouragement you can provide to me. I’m looking forward to being your buddy. 🙂 have a good evening. We’ll talk some more tomorrow if you have time, yes?

  3. Can’t stand the stuff. The smell is enough to make me want to throw up.
    Payday’s my favorite candy – caramel and peanuts. I used to buy them by the box but I don’t anymore cause I can’t just eat one!
    Nice to meet someone else who doesn’t like chocolate.

  4. Thanks, Cheryl! Same to you.
    Well, I used to wait for someone special to do something wonderful for me on my birthday but I realized while I waited for the someone special, I wasn’t getting any younger. It’s taken me longer with the Valentine’s Day. T

    Well, I do the postaweek on my professional blog, if that helps – haven’t written in a while. It’s being revised at the moment but you can check it out Let me know what you think. I’m a book publicist. I also do workshops for first-time and aspiring authors. I notice you do workshops as well. I’m sure we can do some things together on our respective blogs. Looking forward to it! Let’s ‘chat’ tomorrow evening? I’m working tomorrow.

  5. to me valentine day is just another day to me, I am married but I just could not care less if I got flowers or chocolates at all.

    If you are still looking for some blogging buddies I would like to be one. Take a look at my blog and see what thinks.
    Take care

  6. And you’re right – it is that but hype everything. Frankly, we should need a special day to tell someone how we really feel.

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