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My non-Valentine Valentine’s Day

I have a confession: I’ve never had a Valentine – well, not one that I remember.

Somehow, I always seem to meet guys after February and we break up before the next

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day.

Or, the ones I end up with don’t believe in Valentine’s Day.

So while other girls are getting gussied up to go out to dinner, expecting the obligatory hearts and flowers, I wait patiently for the day to end.

Why does that happen to me, a romantic?

It is just one day, I console myself.

But yesterday, I decided to do be honest with myself. Rather ignore it or pretend it doesn’t matter, I thought, I’d be proactive and face it heart on.

So today, I’m sending myself a hundred roses. I’m going to buy the biggest caramel heart I can find (No chocolate for me, I hate the stuff with a passion. Speaking of: what do guys buy a girl who doesn’t like chocolate?), and if I can still get a reservation, take myself out for the most heart soothing meal there is.

Oh, and I’ll wish myself a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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