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5 Off-Broadway Plays Worth Seeing

In continuing to help Tony, my blog buddy, plan his fall trip to New York City, I promised to suggest 5 Off-Broadway plays that I think he should consider seeing.

As we no doubt know already, New York has no shortage of venues to watch good quality theater productions. Personally, I love supporting Off- and Off-Off-Broadway shows. For one thing, you never know whom you’ll see on stage. I’ve recognized many television and movie actors, usually playing against type, and watched plays written by several as yet undiscovered playwrights. Another thing is that the price is usually not as high as what you’d pay on Broadway.

Blue Man Group, photo courtesy
Blue Man Group

So here are 5 suggestions for that Tony and his teenage kids can check out when they’re in New York City.

  • Blue Man Group – A crowd favorite. This three-man performance art group which combines music, comedy and multimedia. Oh, and they’re dressed head to toe in blue.
  • Love, Loss and What I Wore – If clothes could talk, my, the stories they’d tell. Love, Loss explores the memories that are triggered by clothing and accessories.
  • Lost in Yonkers – Following their mother’s death, two young boys go to live with their stern grandmother in Yonkers. Written by Neil Simon
  • The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs – The CEO of Apple brings us irresistible gadgets that we can’t stop buying. This one-man performance examines the man, the products and how they’re made.
  • Sons of the Prophet, A Lebanese family in Pennsylvania deals with family crises with a sense of humor.

Tickets to Broadway shows can be pretty pricey but there’s one place I know that you can always score up to 50% discounted tickets on the day of the performance and that’s at the Theater Development Fund’s kiosk in Times Square.

Matinee tickets are sold the day before at their South Street and Brooklyn locations. They accept major credit cards, cash and travelers checks.



My non-Valentine Valentine’s Day

I have a confession: I’ve never had a Valentine – well, not one that I remember.

Somehow, I always seem to meet guys after February and we break up before the next

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day.

Or, the ones I end up with don’t believe in Valentine’s Day.

So while other girls are getting gussied up to go out to dinner, expecting the obligatory hearts and flowers, I wait patiently for the day to end.

Why does that happen to me, a romantic?

It is just one day, I console myself.

But yesterday, I decided to do be honest with myself. Rather ignore it or pretend it doesn’t matter, I thought, I’d be proactive and face it heart on.

So today, I’m sending myself a hundred roses. I’m going to buy the biggest caramel heart I can find (No chocolate for me, I hate the stuff with a passion. Speaking of: what do guys buy a girl who doesn’t like chocolate?), and if I can still get a reservation, take myself out for the most heart soothing meal there is.

Oh, and I’ll wish myself a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

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