Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

It’s difficult to think of winter – the topic of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge — when the temperature’s nearly 80 degrees and I’m looking at the sea. I’m glad that I had these photos in my collection.

Lately, with changes in weather patterns, winters are not as severe as they used to be. Sometimes, weeks pass without snow and we get spoiled by so -called ‘good’ weather. We experienced a period like this in March. Then towards the end of the month, we woke up one morning to some ‘white stuff’ — a dusting, really. I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been. It was still winter.

An unexpected dusting of snow, Harlem NYC
An unexpected dusting of snow, Harlem NYC

Now this is winter!

The third snow fall on January 27, 2011 brought total amount to 36″ and made it the second snowiest month in New York City.

Snowy trees, Harlem, NYC
Snowy trees, Harlem, NYC

Looks pretty, doesn’t it? Until you have to go out in it. Especially when it starts to melt.

Snowy window, Harlem NYC
Snowy window, Harlem NYC

6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. I was like a kid watching the images and saying, Oh wow. Snow in the city makes for great postcards. You know, I ate some snow last year and caught myself a little headache. I didn’t have that much but my sister, who’s anemic did, and caught herself a bigger headache. Anyway, I said all that because my mouth got a bit watery looking at the snow. 🙂

  2. It does look amazing, but as you say it’s not very practical.

    Something I find difficult to fathom as snow is not part of our culture.

    Are you in Summer now, like us? What is winter in Jamaica like?

  3. How did you end up eating snow? I wouldn’t have believed it could give you a headache….there must have been something else there. Despite that, you reacted to the photos.

  4. I’m in permanent summer here in Jamaica. The coolest it ever gets is probably about 65 degrees F in the higher elevations. I don’t want to be anywhere near snow for a while.

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